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Armchair generals

This is my attempt for soliciting specific, workable ideas from Turdites to further the aims of this blog and to try to spread the word -- about the reality of affairs, the corruption of the global financial system, about the effects of monetary and economic policies being pursued, about precious metals -- WAKING PEOPLE UP.

Below is my own mini-campaign. Granted, it's but a drop in the ocean. Perhaps it's merely self-gratification so that I can claim to have done SOMETHING. But if just a single person was moved by it and discovered something they had not known -- it was already worth it. Please, come up with even BETTER methods.

"A few months back, William Banzai7 was kind enough to create a plethora of ZH and other logos -- images small but detailed enough that they print reasonably well onto even self-adhesive mailing label templates for laser printers. This can be seen as just another version of writing/stamping onto dollar bills or other fiat notes (as some other ZH members have started to do), but has the advantage of being relatively tied to a particular place. I scattered a few dozen stickers in hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, phone booths (UBS building in Nuremberg, Cafe Kadinsky Amsterdam, BMW central showroom parking garage level 2 in Munich, parking meters in NYC & Chicago, etc.). They can be stuck on surfaces, or just slipped into lucite table menu stands, mailslots/boxes. The Emergency Landing Procedures booklet on the plane was the first place I stuck one...

Rich sources of graphics for the project:

The QueST FoR a SYMBoL ConTiNueS
THe BaNZai7 2011 CaLenDaR iS HeRe
Money Matter$. Intelligence Matter$.
Google Images"

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