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Guest Post: "How To Spot Fake Gold and Avoid Fraud", by Olivier Garret of Hard Assets Alliance

We've maintained an affiliation with our friends at Hard Assets Alliance since 2012 and I hope they are always on your list of bullion dealers when making a purchase.  They provide a fantastic service and you'll likely find this new post from Olivier Garret, the Founder and CEO of HAA, to be extremely helpful and interesting.

TFMR Podcast - Friday, February 23

A difficult week draws to a close but things are looking up, particularly for commodities and Comex silver, specifically. And wait till we tell you about the latest CoT report, too.

Ready For This Week To Be Over

Ever since the price of gold was hit for $7 after the Comex close last Friday, it has been clear that the Bank intention has been to maneuver it lower. We had hoped this would abate once option expiry was behind us and it has. Now we just need some weakness in the all-important USDJPY. Will it come next week?

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, February 22

A2A for today was rescheduled to next week, thus this special Thursday podcast where we assess where we've been and where we hope we're going.

Navigating Through Comex Option Expiry

With the FOMC minutes behind us, the primary remaining hurdle for the week is today's expiration of Mar18 Comex options. We identified the Bank "sweet spots" a few days ago and those levels have played out. The question becomes, once we get this behind us, can prices begin to rally back tomorrow?

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, February 21

As expected, the HFTs gamed the stops and prices swung wildly after the release this afternoon of the January FOMC minutes. In the end, Comex metal prices were mostly unchanged on the day but the same can't be said for the "stock market" and this may make for an interesting end to the week.

More Vital Info From Batchelor and Cohen

As the "Russiagate" narrative continues to crumble, John and Steve discuss the origins of the conspiracy theory and the detrimental impact it has had on US-Russia relations during this New Cold War.

Sayonara, Mother!

As the world awaits Mother's final FOMC minutes, let's choose instead to focus upon reality and not economic fantasy.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, February 20

A dismal day as Spec selling and option expiry prep by The Banks leads to outsized losses for the Comex Digital Metals. But it's not as if this was unexpected so we'll deal with the consequences and prepare for the rest of the week.

Whack Job

As we discussed in yesterday's podcast, the Comex metals were scheduled to get whacked this week as the deeply oversold USDJPY and POSX rebound. However, the trend in both HFT inputs remains lower so another set up to find a tradable entry point is emerging.

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