The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us. Turd Ferguson and his band of loyal Turdites patrol this Watchtower. We are here to help each other navigate the coming economic chaos. However, no one can predict every eventuality, so please read the disclaimer and community guidelines before proceeding.

Five Charts and a CoT

A rare Sunday post designed mainly to show you three very important charts of Comex Digital Gold as we move into the final days of May.

Three Days of Jackass

As per tradition, the Golden Jackass returns today with over an hour of A+ audio entertainment for your holiday weekend listening.

With Or Without Yen

Mixed economic data this morning has so far helped to keep the all-important USDJPY down. Let's see if we can keep it there all the way into today's pre-holiday weekend close.

TFMR Podcast - Thursday, May 25

Just a quick update to prepare you for tomorrow and the holiday-shortened week next.

Silver Stands Firm

While we await tomorrow's economic data and CoT report, it is at least somewhat encouraging to note that Comex Digital Silver is holding firm again today. As we've been noting, should CDG continue its gradual ascent, CDS should soon rush to "catch up" from a technical sense.

Guest Post: "Equities: "Ding, Ding"...Last Lap", by Paul Mylchreest

For anyone wondering how long the central banks may be able to prop up the global equity markets, our friend Paul Mylchreest has your answer. Please be sure to read this extraordinarily interesting and thorough piece of analysis.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, May 24

Your increasingly optimistic host digests Mother's Minutes and spits out a podcast that you might want to be sure to take in.

FOMC Minutes = Hat Contest

We've done this before so why not do it again? You'd better hurry, though, as the contest closes at 2:00 pm EDT.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, May 23

The metals slid back lower today as the USDJPY was spiked out of what had been a tight, four-day range. Tomorrow brings the May FOMC minutes and this is the primary topic of today's discussion.

On the Nature of Cash, Bonds, Digital Cash, and the Derivative Market

What factor(s) specifically give(s) a Federal Reserve Dollar Note it's value? A Pound Sterling coin it's value? A five Euro note? A T-Bond or Bund? How about a Venezuelan Bolivar? 

What gives a currency longevity overcoming the attacks from external powers? Power? Faith? Reputation? The alternatives currently available, or lack of alternatives possibly? And when a new alternative becomes available, from where does it truly get it's value? From where does it derive it's value ..... ?

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