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TFMR Podcast - Friday, June 22

The week ends on an up note and next we get to navigate through the Jul18 silver expirations and the end of the quarter. However just like last year, once we turn the corner into Q3, will we finally begin to see that summer rally that we've been expecting?

Finishing Friday

The week appears that it may end on an uptick but that hardly erases the sting of the way the week unfolded. However, upticks are always appreciated and now we'll see if we can build on this into next week.

A Visit with Denver Dave

Our old pal, Dave Kranzler, stopped by earlier today for a brief discussion of global market risks (including Deutschebank) and the gold "market" (including EFPs and PNTs).

Down $50 In A Week

Periods like this sure are no fun and while we know what the old adage says, how do you pick the time when "things look the worst"?

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, June 20

Though it was another down day for the Comex metals, there were some noteworthy developments that you need to know about so come on in and have a listen.

Humdrum Wednesday

It's a rather mundane Wednesday as the Comex metals search for a floor from which they can begin the next rally.

On With Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog

It's always great fun to be on with Greg Hunter. In this segment recorded yesterday, we discuss global debt, the corner into which The Fed has painted itself and the rationale of doing "what the Russians and Chinese are doing".

Batchelor-Cohen on Russiagate

With the New Cold War simmering on low at present, John and Steve returned last evening with a thorough discussion of the entire "Russiagate" affair in light of the recently-released report from the Inspector General of the US Justice Department.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, June 19

Trade wars and rumors of trade wars dominated the news today and while you might think this would be good for gold, think again as the HFTs saw a rising US$ and dumped their Comex metal exposure in response.

Trade War Back On

Global equity markets are reelin and rockin today as Trump widens his prospective trade war and China threatens retaliation. Amazingly, however, this is considered "dollar bullish" and, thus, the Comex metals have been smashed lower again.

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