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A2A with John Titus

John Titus is the publisher of the YouTube channel, "Best Evidence". His recent works have included extraordinary documentaries on subjects such as The Financial Crisis and the lack of criminal prosecutions in the years since. His latest production, "All The Plenary's Men" will be released on Friday.


TFMR Podcast - Friday, April 28

My apologies for a longer-than-usual podcast today but, frankly, we have a lot to talk about from fake data to fake "markets" to fake prices...and The Central Bank efforts to control them all.

Beyond Incredible

Our situation has moved from bizarre to incredible to today's surreal. All credit goes to the global Central Banker by whose efforts the last remaining forms of "free markets" have been annihilated.

The Only Chart That Matters

Every day we look at the daily charts. Most Fridays, we pay close attention to the weekly charts. It's only at the end of the calendar month that we check in on the monthly charts and in doing so we find that the current monthly chart for Comex Digital Gold is at a very important point.

TFMR Podcast - Wednesday, April 26

A late-day reversal in forex and bonds leads to some optimism that tomorrow will be a positive day. However, the most important day of the week will be Friday with the morning release of the first guess at Q1 GDP.

Prices Nearing Support

We've been targeting the 200-day in CDG and the 100-day in CDS as support levels for this pullback. With prices nearing these levels, the only question remains: Will prices stop there or will The Cartel smash them through?

This Week With Batchelor and Cohen

Though The New Cold War and Russophobia have been temporarily displaced from the front pages of the news, John and Steve still checked in last evening with another informative and helpful show.

TFMR Podcast - Tuesday, April 25

A gruesome day across the board as equity markets are rigged higher worldwide. And though the Comex Digital Metals fell again today, they are not yet down to the levels we've been projecting since earlier this month so this suggests more frustration in the days ahead.

Silver Price Management

If the entire world only produces 880,000,000 ounces of silver per year...and if 75% of that silver is consumed through the production of cell phones, solar panels and other items...then how do The Banks manage price off of the remaining 220,000,000 ounces? The answer: Alchemy.

TFMR Podcast - Monday, April 24

A simply amazing day where not only was the USDJPY spiked higher, the VIX had its largest one day decline in nearly six years. All done in the name of Central Bank-inspired MOPE and SPIN.

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