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So Here We Are

Just like last Friday, the price of Comex Digital Gold is at $1286 and threatening to finish the week above its 100-day moving average. Just like last Friday, will we soon get a sudden smash that rigs price back lower before the close?

Can Price Rally From Here?

While CDG and CDS remain unable to move forward at present, they're not exactly buckling, either. So the question becomes, can price rally from here, given the current CoT structure? Today, let's take a look at some history and try to draw some conclusions.


Since we began posting these weekly discussions in early 2014, we've only occasionally implored you to be sure to listen. This week merits that level of attention.

As Per Usual

Let's see...Economic data? Poor. USDJPY? Down. Stocks? Off. Bonds? Rallying. Gold??? Flat after another mini-raid to move price back near/below the 100-day. In an Fd up world of central bank madness, it seems the only thing you can count on these days is the command and control of digital metal by The Banks.

Comex Gold Clings To 200-Day MA

Jeezo pete, how many times have we written about this over the past month? Well, here we are again and if we fail to move forward in the next two weeks before the December expirations, we should worry that The Banks will finally be successful in smashing this key technical level.

102 Hours

A busy week begins with a Monday morning USDJPY and S&P ramp. Again however, as we always caution, it's not how you begin the week that matters.

Guest Post: "If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesn't Worry You, You're Not Paying Attention", by Chris Martenson

An excellent summary of the situation in the MENA from Chris Martenson.

Bond Market Algos Play Catch Up

We've been noting the recent disconnect between US bonds and the USDJPY and we've wondered if the algos would soon force a recoupling. It appears that we have our answer.

Jeez This Shit Gets Old

Just sitting here chuckling to myself at all the douchebags, like The Three Stooges, who sit all day and rub their chins as they ponder their theories, the spot price and all the other bullshit that has absolutely nothing to do with the minute-by-minute price changes of the Comex paper derivative "markets".

An Update from Batchelor and Cohen

After taking a week off as Professor Cohen traveled to Russia, John and Steve returned last evening to discuss the Russian history and recent events.

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