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October Surprises

The week begins with a falling POSX and rising Comex precious metals. Will it end that way, too?

Back Up

The "stock market" has bounced higher today but, in a variation of an old TFMR adage, it's not how the S&P begins today that matters. It's how the S&P ends today and this week that will be important.

Another Stab At The 50-Day

Comex Digital Gold is making another attempt at a first close north of its 50-day moving average since April 23. A rallying CNY, lower interest rates, a low CPI and a carryover safe haven bid from yesterday are all prompting today's move.

Rain and Pain

Late yesterday, President Trump stated that The Fed was moving too fast on hiking the fed funds rate. Now today, the PPI comes in slightly softer than expectations. What an interesting set of circumstances for Chief Goon Powell.

More Catching On

The CNY-GC peg is now becoming so obvious that more and more folks are catching on. Unfortunately, this does little to stop or reverse the downward momentum.

Dreary Monday

The Chinese return and the PBOC immediately weakened the CNY overnight. With Comex gold down as much as $17 earlier, I guess we have our answer regarding which way the "peg" would respond today.

Your Latest "In Gold We Trust" Chartbook

Our pal Ronni Stoeferle and his friends at Incrementum AG have just released the latest chartbook update in their "In Gold We Trust" series. Over the weekend, be sure to spend some time looking over this very valuable information.

A Non-Event BLSBS

Back in the day, BLSBS Friday meant volatility and craziness. In 2018 and with Comex gold now closely tied to the CNY, it seems the BLSBS hardly even matters.

More Questions Than Answers

Even though there are mentions of a blowout BLSBS number tomorrow...and even though interest rates continue to rise...Comex gold and silver are bouncing back today and once again positioning themselves directly below their respective 50-day MAs as we move toward the end of the week.

An Update from Batchelor and Cohen

Professor Cohen returned last evening to join John Batchelor for a comprehensive update on the New Cold War. Please be sure to listen to these podcasts.

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