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Holy Avenger
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Thank You

Hey Turd,

I wanted to give you kudos for all that you've done.

I started following you comments closely over at ZH shorlty after finding ZH in late 08'.

I've been a devoted lurker at your blog since the word "go".

Your contributions to informing my thinking have been HUGE.  I always look forward to your posts (even had the blog set as one of my home tabs).

Never posted at the blog and it's unlikely you'll hear much from me here (don't really think I have much to offer...but I am an eager student) but I thought is was important for you to be reminded that your positive influence is felt far beyond what may be reflected in the comments section.

Keep up the great work. 

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Just wanted to join this

Just wanted to join this thread to share my thanks also for this new site. Really looks awesome and am sure it will grow very quickly to be the best PM site on the net.

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Great site!

Turd!  This forum idea is wonderful.  In just a couple of days the info piled onto this site by the informed individuals of the blogosphere has been fantastic!

Love the hat tips!

Thanks for all that you do man!


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