Problem Changing Avatar

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#1 Sun, Jun 19, 2011 - 12:49am
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Problem Changing Avatar

There seem to be problems with changing the avatar.

it says to delete the old one. That sort of seems to work somewhat. Although the computer remembers the old one. But then you try to bring in the new one. The new one has a problem coming up online. Now I have been successful twice changing the avatar after many times not working. But now it just will not work. I have tried lots of things like deleting the avatar and logging out and coming back in with a new window but it still does not work.

it might help if when you change the avatar you had a button by the avatar change to do just that one step and be able to see the new picture come up. But you have to do an entire save of everything and log out and go to the forums to see what you have. a big process to find out it did not work again.

Thanks for working to fix the problem.

We also need Personal Messages and email to other members.

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