Other hobbies outside of Finance?

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Other hobbies outside of Finance?

When you're not stacking em back, guzzling it down, or snapping it through, what do some of you Turdites do to get your rocks off? When I'm not engineering Butterfly and Iron Condor spreads, I retire to my Den where I program and design websites. I run a network of over 200 websites in total, dealing with just about every topic you could imagine.

I am a self-taught and hobbyist info-anarchist, who still wears the Powder Baby Blue Burberry tie with the HUGO suit.

Keeping it classy....

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AG 10 Bagger

If rare earths can do a 5 bagger, 7 bagger, 8 bagger and a 10+ bagger in one quarter, and rare earths are commodities - surely silver can break the surly bonds of earth.


"Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth"

High Flight  - John Gillespie Magee Jr.


>From here to there eventually<

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