New World Order

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New World Order

Without the dollar as the worlds reserve currency, and it being required in order for any nation to buy oil, the global elites would not have the unprecedented control over the world that they now enjoy. That coupled with the fact that all other currencies are a subset of the dollar, and are all fiat just like the dollar, giving them even more control as never before achieved by the international bankers and powers that be. The very pinnacle of this power structure are the European royalty and black nobility, the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe in control there over 250 years, and the Rockefeller family dynasty that has controlled the U. S. for over a hundred years. If you wish to understand the very core of the EE, this is where you must begin. These are the names and faces who, through this global monetary system, control every government on the planet. If you wonder who ultimately gives the orders to the Fed chairsatan, to the president of the U. S., and who decides what wars will be fought and where, this is where you look. The primary vehicles through which they work their control are the big big master banks such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and the Bank of England. These banks are the owners and controllers of the Fed, the IMF, the BIS, and the World bank as the master central banks. All the rest, both large and small bow, this this pinnacle of power. If you wonder why the CFTC and FTC never enforce against these giants, this is why. Remember they literally own your government. If you wonder why the EE seems never to lose control over the short term price of gold and silver, just once ponder the awesome power weighing against the rise in the price of PM's. Consider for a moment what it is going to take to defeat this leviathan international control and power. It is truly awesome and formidable beyond the average person comprehension. The New World Order is here and now and they manipulate every market on the planet as central planners that make the Communist in the past such as Stalin and Mao Tse dung seem like boy scouts.

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