Maybe a forum for just videos?

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#1 Wed, Jun 15, 2011 - 11:20am

Maybe a forum for just videos?

I don't know if a forum for just videos to be posted would be helpful or not. Maybe the videos should just be posted when they pertain to a specific topic in a specific forum. I will say this though, videos are helpful when trying to explain a complex topic, especially if they are well done. They could always be cross posted. If someone places a video to inform or bolster a point in a specific forum, it could be cross posted to the video only forum.

If our stated, or rather your stated mission, is to inform people and get them thinking and preparing. I think a video forum would be great.

I will start with this one. It explains rather well what money is. This is for people that don't know, I know most of the regulars here do know.

Video unavailable

It's titled "Money as debt"

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