War & the Middle East - Smoking Gun

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Joseph Warren
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War & the Middle East - Smoking Gun

I just saw this article that provides proof of the intention to start the war in Iraq far earlier than the liars said -


Wed, Jan 20, 2016 - 1:19pm
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Interesting opinion on saker

re the 2 US boats "disabled" in the gulf


"Two boats with marines were released back into the wild after approximately 15 hours. It said “a post-recovery inventory of the boats found that all weapons, ammunition and communications gear was accounted for, minus two SIM cards apparently removed from two hand-held satellite phones.”

Some people now say that the boats were on a suicide mission, willingly or unwillingly. There are credible reports of an Israeli submarine positioned nearby that was allegedly ready to sink the vessels while in Iranian waters, as a prerequisite for a political fury of sanctions and armed whatnots against Iran over an “attack on the US vessels.”

Had the marines understood what their fate might be we don’t know. However, the Iranians say that the US marines cried while being detained, that’s how scared they were, until they were told that they won’t be killed, tortured, or imprisoned, as they knew the US would have done to Iranians if the situation was somehow reversed."

Personally I doubt Nuland was there to issue a warning. More likely that she was presented with some facts of life.