Just saw this post on ZH re:- price manipulation thoughts?

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Just saw this post on ZH re:- price manipulation thoughts?

Where is the evidence that paper gold dictates the price of physical gold, not the reverse?

At any given time, I can go to eBay or elsewhere and buy or sell physical gold bars,  such as PAMP Suisse .9999.

The trade is between willing buyer/willing seller.  The physical gold is on my doorstep in a couple of days.

Where's the problem?

All I see is a lot of words signifiying nothing



To which I replied.......


Paper 'gold' doesn't dictate the price of physical per se....... rather, dilutes it.

Gold is rented out many times over to mugs who think the system isn't a fraud. They own paper that says they own gold.

The suppression is the difference between the total money spent on paper gold against the actual gold.

I think true honest Christianity and Islam would have outlawed this tax payer underwritten gambling / fraud years ago ...... now it seems only wicked ISIS people are prepared to outlaw it.

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paper anything

is fraudulent to the extent that the volumes of product to the paper supply is totally mis matched. We can see it clear as day but unfortunatly most dont care to think about it.

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