Home Storage Gold IRA

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Home Storage Gold IRA


Anybody ever heard of or looked into a "Home Storage Gold IRA"?  Got served up a banner ad for these guys and took the bait:

Augusta Precious Metals:  http://www.augustagoldira.com/home-storage-gold-ira/

Given my proclivity for boating accidents, seems too good to be true.  Any insight from the crowd?


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Home Storage Gold IRA

I don't know anything about these folks in particular, but the setup they promote is legal and legitimate.

One aspect they promote, which I would not be comfortable with, is actually storing the LLC's metal in my home.  I don't think a thief or over-zealous cop would lend much credence to the statement "uh, that's not mine, it belongs to an LLC which is wholly-owned by an IRA custodian."

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