Bullion and Coin Affiliation

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Bullion and Coin Affiliation


I requested a forum to discuss the new affiliation of Turds.Guess I must post here instead.

Like a lot of others ,I need more information about these guys before i act. I carry the wealth of my family in bullion , and there is no way I would ever risk it further now I am out of the fiat world,except for daily buys of course.

I want to move from Africa to Europe.This involves selling au /ag .

Quite a big effort to do that after the collecting  all over the place. I don't mind ,but how do I end up in Europe with all this back in bullion? There seems no way to transfer the metal  with anyone reliable I have seen.

So, will these guys allocate in London or Zurich fo me,if bought in south Africa. Or am I barking up the wrong tree (as usual)?



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TPTB,BB,USG,UKG,and assorted liars,billionaire-politicians world wide.The noose awaits you .

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