Updated Free Shipping code from Lear Capital

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Updated Free Shipping code from Lear Capital


Updated code. This one does not seem to have any expiration date. Hope it helps someone.

Code is D2697

FREE SHIPPING & INSURANCE for new customers who place their first online gold or silver bullion order of $1500 or more. Please enter the certificate code D2697 during checkout. Offer valid for new customers only, up to $70 value, no expiration. One coupon per household, one coupon per address.

I have ordered from them in the past. I bought some gold sovereigns on the advice of Eric #1 who knows about these things and he is right, they are beautiful and fun to hold and play with. I also bought a roll of Eagles and a roll of Maples recently. The premium on eagles is $2.50 which seemed reasonable to me, and maples are $2.25 over. That's cheaper than most of the other places I checked out except when Gainesville runs a sale.

PS - This is the official code from their site - you need to order minimum $1500 to get the free shipping. It takes about 2 weeks for the personal check you send them to clear but then it comes fedex overnight in a heavy duty box with tons of foam. You could probably get it faster if you sent a wire but who wants to pay the bank $25 for that?

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