Merit Financial?

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Merit Financial?

Finally going to make some physical purchases, Merit seems to hav the lowest prices on silver eagles and maples right now.  Anyone dealt with them or have any feedback?  Its a wire transfer only $2,500 minimum which is ok since they seem quite a bit less than elsewhere plus free shipping.  Currently 32.83 for silver eagles which is $2.49 over spot.

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HIGH Pressure Sales Staff.  

HIGH Pressure Sales Staff.   Essentially a Bait & Switch to push super high premium numis.  NEVER stop calling you if you give them your info.  

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Anyone dealt with Merit recently?

I am getting a quote of $3 over spot for Silver Eagles with free shipping. They say 5 weeks delivery time because of the US mint which is bs. Anyway I am leaning towards not dealing with them at this point unless I can get some positive feedback from the the board. Does anyone have any other recommendations other than Provident, Apmex, Gainesville or JM Bullion?

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