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Woody Mornings
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I think we could use a forum dedicated to discussing the main blog post.  I think it would be easier to respond and sift through the various comments of the day in a dedicated forum.

Whatcha think?

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Green Lantern
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I hope that spammers don't

I hope that spammers don't start mucking up these threads.  I put it through the online translation and it seems to be an advertisement for Russian Sex sites.    Somebody has been drinking too much vodka.

I kinda of like your idea Woody although the opening blog and comments is pretty unique to Turd's site and I appreciate that he is open and gives people alot of latitude.  And the comments range from informative to entertaining.  And I like to be entertained.  Although the individuals posting their post number, I am one or two is a bit childish but I guess if it makes your day being the first person to post nothing than go have a party.    And then sometimes Turd could be talking about Hog futures and then somebody has to post a comment on the status of the  Silvercorp allegations when there is a forum for it.    It's human nature to want to be seen and be heard.      I'm sure with time, and more and more people coming here, the Turd and his team will make modifications to the site as need be.    i wish the search function was a bit more useful.  I have to sometimes search through dozens of comments before I find the post that I want to review.   that would be my only feedback.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to lock the thread at this point because we've been getting a huge amount of spam on it.  I think it is attracting spammers because it has a generic title of "Forums"... probably something in their bot software which is attracted to a thread of this name.

Green Lantern, re: your comment on searching through comments... have you used the "Comments" functionality?  Either click the "Comments" link on the top navigation menu or visit this page:  You should be able to narrow down to the comment you are seeking relatively quickly, whether by author, date, or thread.


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