Update on BASEL III - claim that ALL precious metals are covered...

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Update on BASEL III - claim that ALL precious metals are covered...

I am just referencing, not confirming, this but thought I should share (from https://gab.com/Amicus_Chiron/posts/106766258140329629):

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Nxtelectrum (and myself, but mostly him) have been in an information war with several of the "EXPERTS" on the silver channels on Youtube. Their statement (point of view) has been that ONLY GOLD will be part of the 85% RSF (NSFR) when BASEL 3 is fully implemented. We have been saying consistently its all precious metals traded on the exchanges, they have disagreed, despite all of the information we have sent them. So, NXTELECTRUM wrote the BIS to find out the exact truth, here is his reply;

Dear Sir/Madam Can you please confirm if Silver, Platinum & Palladium are also subject to Basel 3 NSFR rules along with Gold? Thankyou in advance Kind regards

BIS Press, Service
10:30 AM (8 minutes ago)

to me(nxtelectrum), Service

Dear Mr Xxxxxxxx,
Thank you for your interest in the Bank for International Settlements and the work of the Basel Committee. The answer to your question is ‘yes’.

So, the "EXPERTS" were wrong again, please always be wary of these self proclaimed "experts". This is now the 3rd time this year, they have shown "error" in their analysis.

and then there was this follow up, supposedly:


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@Amicus_Chiron @Woodyearl I asked for Clarification on Basket 7.

Dear Mr xxxxx,

Thank you for your reply.Just one point of clarification please,I had seen that under Basel 3 Minimum capital requirements,Commodity basket 7,that
Precious Metals means Gold,Silver,Platinum & Palladium.Under Basel 3 NSFR the RSF of 85% is said to apply to "Physical Traded Commodities Including Gold".

Can i assume then as Precious Metals have already been defined in commodity basket 7,under Capital requirements that Precious Metals are also included under NSFR "Physical Traded Commodities"?

Thank you for your time.
Kind regards

BIS Press

Dear Mr xxxxxxx,

Yes, that is correct.

Best regards,