Minting Market Makers

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Minting Market Makers

I think that this forum topic is well suited to be set amongst the TF Trading Fora. The topic will be the buying of 100 gram gold bars or 2 x 100 OZ silver bars from wholesale physical bullion liquidity providers with $USD. This process is coined (pun intended) "MINTING" and it brings beautiful, real gold and silver into an alternate monetary system (and sends that dirty fiat out at the same time). This is the one and only way to bring gold and silver into an honest money system and trading exchange Kinesis Monetary System. Next step is to send your newly acquired metals to the KMS exchange via the blockchain. This is where the Minter becomes the Market Maker. Once the digital physical gold and silver is sold (with an "ask" or sell limit order, higher than the highest bid on the, not a market order and traders' bids must move higher to meet your ask price), you are now the one and only "Minter" of the Gold or Silver that will remain in the system forever. The rewards are perpetual yields paid monthly in gold and silver KAU and KAG. This depends on the transaction turnover or velocity of the system. There's probably more than a University Bachelor Degree course to learn and there's no teacher to teach us. It's all too new! We'll have to teach each other! There are some real costs to bear and our TF could be the best way to keep these costs to a minimum. The rewards could be astronomical, however, we don't know for sure. There's certainly a risk side that you pay upfront. The fees and trading losses happen at several stages and add up. The rewards will only occur over time. Therefore, this probably won't be for the feint hearted. Metals Traders are hardly shrinking violets though. I only hope this system works out and we become key cogs in a system that will end up destroying the Comex and maybe even fiat currencies eventually. But for now - let's take baby steps together!

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