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Eric's holdings

Someone posted these BBG pages to the podcast thread. Not sure when it's dated nor how up-to-date it is. However, it's interesting to look over.

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 - 6:56am
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As I posted yesterday, this shows Eric owns $353 million of Jaguar (top left).

They only had $28 million in sales.

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 - 7:35am
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well the news ticker is from

well the news ticker is from 8th July .. if my mining investment did not feel insignificant before it sure does now lol

Mon, Jul 13, 2020 - 10:23pm
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Thoughts on Todays events

  1. Please click here now: I wish they all could not be Corona girls.
  2. Please click here now: Sadly, the day when the banksters don’t attack your miners when the US stock market falls down… still lies ahead.
  3. The state of affairs is better than it was, but there’s still a long way to. Does it really seem legitimate, to YOU, that if California restaurants are closed, the miners should sell off much harder than the restaurant stocks?
  4. Does anyone really believe this is legitimate price discovery taking place in a truly free market?
  5. I have six to eight stocks I want to add to the Junior Champs Live Portfolio, but with California closing down again, the stock market is at risk again.
  6. Maybe Photocopier Operator Jay races in to save the day yet again, or maybe not.
  7. Let’s let some dust clear before getting overly excited here; either this is just a modest pullback and the highs get taken out fast (preferably regardless of what happens to the stock market poster boy)…
  8. Or there’s going to be a bigger pullback, which is certainly overdue on the CDNX even without a stock market hit.
  9. The big problem in America is not debt per se, war, or virus. It’s a lack of savings, and a lack of preparation, to manage a crisis, with anything but more debt and scapegoating.
  10. The US govt should have many trillions in savings, tens of trillions really, but it has basically… nothing. That’s a major problem, and the major problem becomes a horror from hades in a major crisis.
  11. The borrowed, printed, and extorted money is all spent as soon as the government gets it, to “live for today”, not saved to handle a surprise crisis down the road.
  12. Ultimately, that approach to life ends in stagflation, and potentially hyperinflation.
  13. As long as the Fed can print and the govt can borrow without creating that inflation, money managers won’t rush into miners on a stock market hit, and the banksters can have fun pushing the miners down, while pretending it’s all perfectly legitimate selling.
  14. Time is running out on their scam, but you still need to act professionally on the junior mining stock gridlines, until all the sand in that hourglass is gone.
  15. Please click here now: While it’s morally outrageous that restaurants, bars, and theatres closing again in California is a reason for junior silver explorers to tank harder than restaurant stocks today…
  16. It is what it is, and as a real gold bug and real silver bug, this is the nonsense you need to endure, to get richer.
  17. The way I suggest you typically handle this kind of situation, a day like today: Let the market prove itself. SILJ is trying to break above key highs, and did so, but only marginally and that’s not enough to properly defined as a real breakout.
  18. Having said that, if price can rise over today’s reversal day, that would be hugely positive, and almost certainly cement the breakout as the real deal.
  19. The bottom line: Modest patience is required.
  20. Next, please click here now: Take another hard look at that SILJ chart. If the breakout was truly here, today’s close would be at the top of the range, not at the bottom.
  21. Please click here now: As I’ve noted, regardless of what happens in stock market or the overall miners sector, given the solid gold/silver price…
  22. You are going to see some miners rise anyways, when most get hit.
  23. What you don’t want to do, is bet big money trying to win the lotto, in this situation.
  24. Gridtime! The best way to amp your golden champs right now, is to book some profit on stocks that have “gone insane upside”, and let today’s smackdown dust settle. I say this because if more states join California (and Hong Kong Disneyland) in closing down big chunks of the economy, the banks are going to lean on your miners again. If Jay saves the day, SILJ will quickly rise alongside the stock market poster boy and take out today’s highs, and then blast a lot, lot higher. If things turn into more of a quagmire, you have your core positions, you have booked profits on 2baggers, 3baggers, 4baggers, and even 5 and 10 baggers, and you are AOK. A few days of patience is what separates the pro from the joe. Let’s march to the junior stock gridlines now, as a pro, and I’ll see you there!

Kirk Jr. on the gold explorers starship bridge, out!


Fri, Jul 31, 2020 - 4:30am
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Turd, thank you SO much for your passionate work here.
Wanna make sure I am getting it right in regards to Eric's "holdings": do those refer to a specific investment vehicle such as his SGDLX Sprott Gold Equity Fund or to private holdings or else?

Side note: as a new investor in the mining industry I have been splitting between passive GDXJ and Sprotts actively-managed European fund class Sprott-Falcon Gold Equity Fund in order to also get exposure to small and early stage companies. Don't know whether it differs significantly to the North American "original" SGDLX, though