'Silver - The Long Con' Any thoughts for a silver acolyte?

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#1 Sat, May 23, 2020 - 11:51am
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'Silver - The Long Con' Any thoughts for a silver acolyte?

Hi guys i am new here (and to PM's generally), thanks to Turd for hosting such an informative place.

I'm learning a lot and appreciating all the articles & threads.

This one crossed my path from Twitter however and I wondered if people with a deeper understanding of the sector had read it, the summary of his points are

- Silver is only a good form of money if gold is the only reserve currency.

- The GSR, or gold/silver ratio, is the original Nigerian e-mail scam.

- Silver, like money, is fundamentally more akin to a cryptocurrency than it is to gold.


I've just taken what i envisage to be a decade+ long position in SLV and reading this has rustled my jimmies.....perhaps he is trying to shake out the weak hands?

Any thoughts much appreciated, thank you.