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We took this week's webinar in a different direction and brought in our pal, Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog. I hope you can carve out some time to listen to this informative and wide-ranging discussion that focuses on the "mainstream media" and their efforts to control and manipulate the masses.

Again, I think you'll find this to be very informative and entertaining. Greg spent years behind the curtain at some of the largest "news" organizations on the planet so his wisdom and insights are second-to-none.




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I think


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where's my silver?

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Thank you for having Greg on as a guest!  I enjoy listening to his program.  Interesting to have him be the one being interviewed.

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This is what we've been warning


Whether the rate and dollar spike causes a crisis that begins in the EMs or failing hedge funds, a crisis is likely coming nonetheless.


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And no doubt another new


And no doubt another new alltime low in the yuan is coming tomorrow at the next PBoC fixing.

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I hope he is correct, but who knows

He says gold & silver moving higher.  We'll see if he is correct or not.

4 minute video

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Just recorded this


This was recorded about 45 minutes ago. FWIW.


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Well, here we are


POSX nearing 101 and USDJPY at 110. This 110-111 area should be some tough resistance for the yen...but...if it's not...we're going to be looking ta 114-116. Yikes! Gold will almost certainly be well below $1200 if that happens.

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Turd just want to thank you for your excellent service!!! 

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I just randomly cut into my


I just randomly cut into my SFP (Stack For Posterity) and found the printed copy of this from SIX YEARS AGO. Thought I'd post the link for conversation purposes.


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I am a big fan of Greg's and an occasional financial supporter. I would encourage others to consider. More and more, the tellers of truth will need support and encouragement else the signal will go dark.


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Dear Hollywood Celebrities

2 minute video 

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POSX 101


Even ole Turd can do the math on this one...The POSX is up 1% from 6:00 am.

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Man! one hour, 4 minutes of pure ear porn. I agreed with everything Greg and Turd said, and it was wonderful! Someone has to tell Greg to ease up on the Red Bull. It was like a machine gun on my ears. I can't wait for Greg to return. Maybe a once a month wrap up on the media. Oh! That makes me giddy at the thought.

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Great A2A With Greg

You could tell that Greg knew he was among friends and could candidly say whatever was on his mind.  The interview was a little different than most A2As and I'm glad Craig let him run with it. It was very interesting to hear from a guy who worked at high levels in msm.

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Islamic Gold - Game Changer In Gold Market

Islamic Gold - Game Changer In Gold Market

  • Next month, 1.6 billion people will have a new 'gold investment standard'
  • Gold bullion investments to become accessible to 25% of planet
  • Islamic finance market expected to grow to US$5 trillion by 2020
  • Islamic asset classes have all under performed compared to gold
  • Gold has risen over 367% in US dollar terms and by more in currencies used in Islamic countries
  • Gold bullion products may be additionally appealing to Islamic banks due to Basel III rules
  • New Sharia Gold Standard will impact gold price


By the end of 2016, 1.6 billion people will likely have a new gold investment standard for the first time in modern history. These 1.6 billion people are the Muslims of the world who constitute nearly 25% of the 6.9 billion people on the planet. This new 'gold standard' is the Sharia gold standard developed as part of a three-party collaboration between AAOIFI, the World Gold Council (WGC) and Amanie Advisors.

The new Sharia or Islamic gold standard, ‘will provide guidance from a Sharia perspective on the usage of gold in financial and investment transactions for Islamic financial institutions and participants,’ the WGC states on its website as we reported back in May . ‘The Standard also aims to increase transparency and harmonisation regarding the use of gold in various market practices.’

The new standard is expected to act as an internationally recognised consensus on regular gold savings plans (gold accumulation plans), allocated and segregated gold bullion storage, gold certificates, physically-backed gold ETFs, certain gold futures and gold mining equities.

Gold investment is currently allowed under Sharia law, given certain conditions are met. In the physical gold market today, there are a very few gold investment products or services, such as those offered by Goldcore, which are Sharia-compliant. We will explore what sharia-compliancy means in more detail but suffice to say that the lack of guidelines means there are few eligible gold investment products out their to meet Islamic investors’ requirements.


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Raoul Pal (Global Macro and RealVisionTV)

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Throwing stones from my glass house


But this is Raoul from almost exactly two years ago. If DXY (POSX) 91 was the "tipping point", what is DXY 101?

Regardless, many of these same points are still valid today re global debt and the strengthening of the POSX.

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Chris Wallace interview of Hillary

I thought at the time that he gave her a fairly soft interview, especially considering how he often goes after interviewees with follow ups. But his questions allowed Hillary to expose herself for what she truly is as Greg pointed out.

It was also in a place of her choosing and not a studio. Wallace had to go to the castle to interview royalty. Bleh.

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I'm only 20 minutes in but I wish Greg would tell us what he really thinks.smiley

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More audio

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Best Sale Ever!!! Happy Holidays to All

photo bestsaleever_zpsdqtcx0zm.jpg

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You wrote: "I've resolved to leave my trading money away from my investing money, away from my stacking money." Nice variant on Glass-Steagall!

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No comment needed...

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Video posted Nov 14 ... All gloom and doom (really)... Bo to take himself out of public as crash is here.

Apologize in advance if Bo's stuff insults you, but it is in line with some of the other stuff posted above.  all I can say is .... YIKES...

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Mitt Romey For Sec. of State ????

I pulled this off Eric  deCarbonnel's old site...

Why Romney Lost South Carolina: His Past At Bain Capital | Market Skeptics

As I said last week. Let's keep an eye on Monsieur Trumpeeee. I really hope for America and the World barf bags won't be required.....

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So, once again 'ol Bo was wrong

gee, who coulda ever seen that coming...

and i predict, he won't "go away", since he can still scam others out of money...

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SURVIVING Economic Collapse and Cashless Society In India

Update 11/17

What a Mess....

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