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Another tremendous A2A webinar with our friend, Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom. If you want to get a true sense of the state of American healthcare in the wake of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), you should be sure to listen to this recording.

After a 20-minute discussion on American healthcare, Dr. Janda fielded questions from the audience on topics such as:

  • Vaccines
  • Colloidal silver
  • The coming economic reset
  • His biggest fears/concerns as we head toward 2017

The good doctor also discusses his recent interview of another friend of Turdville, John Titus. The link to listen to the interview is here: http://www.davejanda.com/guests/john-titus/sunday-august-21-2016

Please be sure to give this a thorough listen.



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John Titus video


This tremendous production from John was discussed in this podcast. If you  haven't watched it yet, you should defenitley do so soon.

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Another first?

Two in two days!

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2 nd

Come on marchas!!


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Geez o pete call 911

the metals have flatlined and are in need of a jolt from the paddles. f in joke these markets are. rxman

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I said 'Good Day'...


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Dr. Dave

Janda is a great example of how we should be. Here's to winning our freedom back! (beer)

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Just Got Home

Guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow and try again. Keep Stacking.

Now To Listen

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Re: Dr. Dave

@Turd...this podcast should be made a public thread.

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Response to: Re: Dr. Dave
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hard to get into the top ten!

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In there :)

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Sneaking in top 10

Great interview

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Re; OK

@Turd thanks! His call for Biden to step in around the 45 minute mark, is a brilliant reason for the switch to take place.

The Bernie followers will cry foul. He did go out with a whimper, considering the rigging that was done against him. Rickards was saying it would be Biden a long time ago. We will find out in the not too distant future, if they are both correct.

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OT..thanks to whomever posted the x22 report

with Dex the Vulcan..

very unsettling interview that if anyone listened to it..any thoughts to share?

he talks about the 'new' system, the chip in body system....

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Re.Dr Dave

Fantastic interview gotta love Dave, thx Turd! Also just wanted to chime in on Tumeric, l've been taking it for the last 18 months. l take 750 mils every morning and can say it wipes out lnflammation and allows me go about my day with no pain.    Cheers   Covey.

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Dr. Dave

I like doctor Dave !  yes

I do sincerely hope he has a CC permit because people that tell the truth are the state's worst nightmare. 

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More of the same and just as deep

I enjoyed the video. As I watched it, I was reminded of the article produced by Matt Tabbi in Rolling Stone. His article focussed on a different bank and a different set of facts but came to the same conclusion regarding the Department of Justice. I've gone back to find it and linked it here to continue the discussion.


It's hard to stay on alert. But there's no shortage of reasons to be concerned.

Left Field

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Great Interview Gentlemen

Wow!  Interesting and frightening to hear more about Obama Care.  

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Re; Saw this last week

@ Dr. P...this brand works and has a reasonable price. 1 tab a.m. and 1 tab p.m. with meal helps with arthritis. This brand breaks it down so the body doesn't have to do all the work for absorption.

High Absorption CURCUMIN TURMERIC Extract (by InnovixLabs). 100 Time Release Tablets. Award-Winning Curcumin C3 Reduct + Curcumin C3 Complex + BioPerine. 3X...


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A+ A2A

Just finished!

Dr Janda and Craig covered many topics near and dear to my heart! Craig thank you for having the courage to allow the brave Dr Janda to address, what some would call, conspiracies.

I don't have much to add, other than thanks, as a wider audience needs the hear this and whom better than Dr Janda!

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Danny B

Destruction of the old paradigms but, nothing to replace them

NIRP is wiping out almost everything across the land BUT, 8/25 Swiss government sees windfall revenue from negative rates – Reuters
Then, there is the monetary "lab rat" Japan; 8/25 Kuroda money-go-round undercuts Japan negative-rate windfall – Bloomberg
SO, GOV survives a bit longer at the expense of everything else. Deutsches bank is NOT happy with this.
Deutsche Bank CEO Warns Of "Fatal Consequences" For Savers | Zero Hedge
Here is a graph comparing Deutsches bank to Lehman Bros. http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/defau...EUpanic2_0.jpg

It appears that the State is willing to give the banks a good rogering to save it's own skin (socialism).
The banks have seen the writing on the wall and are creating a "work-around" to the reaming by Wall street and the district of corruption.
This is a VERY important precedent. Obummer was ADAMANT that GOV had to have a back-door to all encryption. Otherwise, the State would be locked out of your personal financial transactions.
"President Barack Obama said Friday that smartphones -- like the iPhone the FBI is trying to force Apple Inc. to help it hack -- can’t be allowed to be "black boxes," inaccessible to the government."

These 4 huge banks are bypassing GOV control. "Adoption of this technology could cause a gigantic vacuum of deposits out of the US banking system."
"As far as the US economy is concerned, Greenspan isn’t optimistic. “We’re in trouble basically because productivity is dead in the water"
The lead bonehead talks the same as all the other boneheads. The base problem isn't productivity. It is consumption. "We're In Trouble": Alan Greenspan Delivers Stark Warning | Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge points out a troubling truism; A Gold Standard "Comes After War, Not Before" Macquarie Warns "The Private Sector Will Never Recover" | Zero Hedge
EXCELLENT article.
8/25 Stagnant economy won’t support high stock, bond, real estate prices – GATA Ah yes. The global mean wage doesn't allow for a lot of discretionary spending.

America had a wage boom after WW II. As the rest of the world rebuilt their manufacturing capacity, the boom tapered off. NAFTA was an attempt to lower "overhead" for the manufacturing industry to meet our diminished consumptive power. When containerized shipping was perfected, manufacturing could be sent to an even-lower-wage producer. The TTP is an attempt to push manufacturing costs even-lower to meet the buying power of our ever-shrinking wages. Obviously, this is a downward spiral of the financial system trying to hold on to a large part of an ever-shrinking pie.

The working-man's share of profit from increased productivity is constantly shrinking. Greenspan, et al lament the fall in productivity but, don't seem particularly concerned with the fall in remuneration for the worker. The financial industry is FAR TOO BIG for the amount of money available for investment and discretionary spending.

The corporatocracy that demands control over GOV so that it can increase productivity and margin just doesn't catch on to the fact that it can never win. It fosters a LOW global mean wage and then, goes in search of a large body of consumers for it's products.

The article by Viktor Shvets points out that there will never be an exit from automation. GOV, finance and industry need to become aware that all the old paradigms are useless in the approaching world.
Advanced automation is incompatible with debt money. Advanced automation is incompatible wit human nature. We work for the sense of self esteem. Even if the State were to pass out debt-free money, society would stagnate.

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Dr Dave

We have had several outstanding A2A's over the last few years,but I think this could very well be the best one that I've had the pleasure of listening to.

ag1969's picture

It is so refreshing

To listen to a board certified doctor that has the intestinal fortitude to tell the truth.  It really is too bad that more doctors don't live up to their oath.  Whenever my kids' doctor mentions vaccines, I always reply with the same three words, "Don't you dare!"

To see the farm is to leave it.

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This guy is a disgrace to medicine.

I've practiced family medicine for 37 years. I'm no fan of Obama Care but this guy has completely distorted the 2017 reimbursement mechanism. I doubt if he has ever treated a patient with deadly Influenza, meningitis, measles or post polio syndrome. Vaccines have saved more children from serious disease and death than anything else with the exception of clean drinking water. This guy is proof that there are plenty of quack doctors with seemingly good credentials.

tyberious's picture


He mentioned the Influenza vaccine, which according to the CDC has only a 60% efficacy rate, if the virus hasn't mutated by the time you get the shot!  And as health care professional with 10 years experience in immunology drug development and 10 years direct patient care in oncology. I've read the insert on most vaccines, been to FDA/CDC drug conferences and honestly if you are not elderly, immuno-compromised or force to take vaccines due to at risk populations, how could you recommend a treatment for a healthy person?

Do you like fluoride in your water?


tyberious, BS, MSPH

Angry Chef's picture


Dr. Janda's daughter Alison ( studying medcine currently ) has been searching for peer reviewed studies that have not be written nor sponsored by Big Pharma. Dr. J ( my favourite B'ball player back in the day ) has asked her to provide him with "peer reviewed " documentation. In 6 months she has not been able to provide this data.

You appear to be an expert in these matters. Can you please P.M Dr. Janda with you're "peer reviewed " documentation that he and Alison have been unable to locate ?


Welcome to the site. I hadn't seen you're handle before....

crylandjr's picture

Very good!

Appreciate Dr. Janda, deep thinker. Also Turd, my hat is off to your interviewing skills, as well as your market crystal ball!

Dr. P. Metals's picture

Ah yes

Criticism and then advice from the Vodka+Gatorade crowd. No thanks!

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