TFMR Podcast #35 - Chris Duane of The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield


Last week, I had a chance to visit with entrepreneur, author and silver activist, Chris Duane.

If you're not familiar with Chris, you should be. He's one of the great champions of the cause and he has done great work in advancing metals awareness through his "Greatest Truth Never Told" & "Sons of Liberty Academy" video series on YouTube.

For his latest project, Chris is driving silver demand through a new series of specially minted, silver coins. Here's some video background on the venture:

Silver Bullet Silver Shield Trivium Medallion Review

The first run of coins is already selling at a healthy premium on Ebay, as you can see here: Regardless of whether future series sell at a similar premium, the coins are a great gift idea this holiday season and, undoubtedly, help our cause by promoting silver demand and reducing above ground supply.

Please use the link below to check out what Chris has to offer and please strongly consider promoting his efforts. Additionally, TFMR has a little skin in the game, too, as every ounce you buy generates a little commishkey for ole Turd. Thanks!


Click this link: and then click the "BUY NOW" button.

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