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Ring In 2023 With Some Jackass


In what has become an annual tradition, please take time to listen to this latest podcast with The Golden Jackass himself, Jim Willie....or, as he likes to call himself now, Viceroy James.

The "Viceroy James" part is a joke. Jim figures that if he's going to call me "Lord Hemke", then he needed a fancier title, too. But a Jackass by any other name is still The Jackass and, to that end, you're going to enjoy this audio.

As usual, I just get ole Jim started and he takes it from there. I tried not to interrupt and redirect too often and it all turned out pretty well. The discussion begins with a conversation about all the hubbub created lately by Zoltan Pozsar and how much of what Zoltan's been writing about this year is stuff that Jim and I have been warning about for the past decade.

From there, Jim discusses the widening risks to the global financial system, the continuing de-dollarization and the multiple reasons why he expects gold and silver to have big year in 2023. There's a lot more in between, too, as you might expect.

As 2023 begins, you should visit Jim's website and consider joining his service. The year ahead is going to be particularly volatile and, with mainstream financial media completely captured and in service to The Banks and politicians, you need as many original sources and as much outside-the-box analysis as you can get.

Have a great weekend. We'll see you on Tuesday as the new trading year begins.


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