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SPECIAL PODCAST: Dr. Quinton Hennigh for Nevada King Gold Corp.


As you know, I suspected that this audio might be important enough to list as your primary podcast today and Dr. Hennigh did not disappoint. So please be sure to give this podcast a listen when you can.

And why should you listen? Well, first and foremost, Quinton Hennigh is one of the world's preminent natural resource geologists. Thus...like EF Hutton...when he talks, you should listen.

What did he mainly talk about today? This was an opportunity to revisit and update something I first brought to your attention back in November...a company called Nevada King. This company holds over 7,000 private claims to land in Nevada which, as you know, is one of the world's greatest gold mining jurisdictions. Then when you consider the team invloved in this project AND its proximity to the active mining operations of many of the world's largest mining companies, the opportunity to get involved at the ground level becomes rather compelling.

Of course, you should never simply take my word for it and you MUST perform all of your own personal due diligence before considering any sort of investment. To that end, more information on Nevada King can be found through their ticker symbol "NKG" in Canada and "VKMTF" in the US. You should also check out these links:

What makes this podcast even more valuable, however, is the information that Quinton was able to provide on some of the other companies with which he's involved, including:

  • the excellent drill results at New Found Gold
  • the exciting potential at Eloro Resources
  • the current status of Novo Resources as it moves from exploration to production

Many thanks again to Quinton for his time today. If you're interested in the mining shares, you should be sure to give this podcast a thorough listen.




May 5, 2021 - 9:14pm

Great post Ollie

When something you see or hear makes no sense, but persists; it is likely a piece of propaganda, well vetted and run by an NGO, or other agency. These programs overlap; and infilterate all critical aspects of modern life. All of it is able to run smoothly and invisibly because of $Trillions in fiat which gets funneled into these efforts with zero public or elected official oversight... we have no idea just how complete the control matrix has become, and it is nearly worldwide.

Eisenhower was correct. Only a mass rejection of fiat globally has any chance of exposing the demons running this stuff.

May 5, 2021 - 10:59am

Sort of a follow up


The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved

The big Pentagon internet mystery now partially solved Daily Mail

Why The Pentagon Handed Control Of Its 175 Million IP Addresses To One Tiny Firm

You'll note the first two articles are the AP version of the story by Frank Bajak. And the story is relatively simple in and of itself: the Pentagon - or Pentagram as we like to call it - has handed over control of a bunch of its internet IP addresses to a very small firm about which virtually nothing is known. Citing the Mr. Bajak's article:

A very strange thing happened on the internet the day President Joe Biden was sworn in. A shadowy company residing at a shared workspace above a Florida bank announced to the world’s computer networks that it was now managing a colossal, previously idle chunk of the internet owned by the U.S. Department of Defense.

That real estate has since more than quadrupled to 175 million addresses — about 1/25th the size of the current internet.

”It is massive. That is the biggest thing in the history of the internet,” said Doug Madory, director of internet analysis at Kentik, a network operating company. It’s also more than twice the size of the internet space actually used by the Pentagon.

After weeks of wonder by the networking community, the Pentagon has now provided a very terse explanation for what it’s doing. But it has not answered many basic questions, beginning with why it chose to entrust management of the address space to a company that seems not to have existed until September.

The military hopes to “assess, evaluate and prevent unauthorized use of DoD IP address space,” said a statement issued Friday by Brett Goldstein, chief of the Pentagon’s Defense Digital Service, which is running the project. It also hopes to “identify potential vulnerabilities” as part of efforts to defend against cyber-intrusions by global adversaries, who are consistently infiltrating U.S. networks, sometimes operating from unused internet address blocks.


May 5, 2021 - 10:41am

Time to Worry

One of the frightening realities of our current world is the need felt by policymakers to "frame the narrative", as they called it. Official government documents ranging from the State Department to that of Defense call deception a "Pervasive and Elemental Force" in managing the domestic population. Literally thousands of academics and government specialists devote their energy to psychologically manipulating or "nudging" the opinions of the citizenry.

The military defined deception or "information operations" in the 1990s as “those measures designed to mislead the enemy by manipulation, distortion, or falsification of evidence to induce him to react in a manner prejudicial to his interests” (Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1998). That concept has been now been broaded to include domestic populations everywhere. This "urban battlespace" now officially includes the American people themselves. Protecting this "urban battlespace" from Russian/Chinese hybrid psyops explains why the media has been mobilized in the way that it has. The Joint Chiefs, as just one example of many, have extended misinformation operations to include the American public. Is all of this woke stuff a part of these methods? Probably.

One word of warning. Nobody is immune to the techniques that these people have developed. Simply blowing off this problem and trying to puff ourselves up with bravado is seriously misguided. And these operations, by the way, include diplomatic, informational, military and economic dimensions -- crypto and gold included.

May 5, 2021 - 10:12am

Not sure if GOT is a miner trading symbol

But GOT silver sounds good to me. Is it traded on the Toronto exchange? But the Iron Bank concerns me because we live and die by their YCC rates and monetary tsunamis.

May 5, 2021 - 10:05am


I see you are totally entrenched in GOT. So upon waking in the morning and thinking of silver first, is GOT next?

May 5, 2021 - 9:56am

I get this bad feeling about the words transitory inflation

When the WOKE crowd gets hold of these words they'll find them racist, demeaning of the transfolks, smelling of white privilege, insufficiently obedient to the critical race theory, unsupporting of Antifa and BLM.

These words will be banned by twitter and FaCIAbook; shoved down the memory hole.

We'll be told that we must like inflation; we must love inflation and love the Federal Reserve Board too. Obligatory bootlicking and bending of the knee to the Iron Bank will be the new paradigm when Digital Currency is the law of the land.

You will own nothing and like it. Your phone will be filled with UBI digital dollars bearing the half life of Californium 244. Spend quickly and wisely or otherwise you will get nothing for nothing

This is XYZTHERXZXKZR and I will not WXWXDWX SSHHXZEZ comply

May 5, 2021 - 9:44am


We will see more and more daily volitilty as the banks slowly lose control of price. The heavier they 'tamp down' the quicker they lose control. It's just hard on everyone to be handed that flaming loss for little to no reason or in complete opposition.

May 5, 2021 - 9:43am

nothing but Kabuki theater

Have to walk back Yellen comment. So transparent. https://t.co/FMNidYFkBn

— Lawrence Lepard, "fix the money, fix the world" (@LawrenceLepard) May 5, 2021

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May 5, 2021 - 9:26am

Daily smack down

Before opening bell.

May 5, 2021 - 9:12am


A month ago, silver was around $1.50 less than today. My miners were all higher then. Can you say "slingshot?"

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