Turd, may I suggest this forum be renamed?

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#1 Thu, Jun 16, 2011 - 12:20am
Captain Benny
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Turd, may I suggest this forum be renamed?

"Conspiracy Theory" has a negative connotation and the majority of the herd hears those words and shuts down. They close their ears, so to speak and refuse to give credit where credit is due for fear of being labeled a "nut job" or "whacko". Just because the mainstream media does not properly give full research into certain news events does not mean that their official report is anything more valid than a properly documented and researched one.

Take for example the Commission report on Sept 11, which failed to study MANY MANY MANY aspects of what occurred on September 11 and how they occurred. Nobody with their head screwed on straight would say the US Govt's official report of that day is even close to being properly researched, footnoted, or even fully studied. It isn't a conspiracy theory to say this simple fact. It is a fact that they did not follow industry standard practices in compiling that document.

Silver manipulation is a "conspiracy theory" in the mainstream but you and I both know that the events that have unfolded and how they were unfolded in the metals market are not conspiracy. Tyler at ZH likes to point out the six sigma events and how these patterns and dramatic deviations are statistically impossible without coordinated action and manipulation.

Please rename the forum or you risk dooming this forum to be obscure and rarely trafficked.

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