Silver test kits: Pro or Con?

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Silver test kits: Pro or Con?

The subject of metals testing kits was brought up in the silver-eagles-or-silver-rounds topic. I'm curious to know: 1) If you are using test kits, what are your reasons for doing so and you experiences 2) what kits to use and where to get them 3) where to get more information on their use and utility 4) On the con side...why not?

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Tue, Jun 14, 2011 - 9:09pm
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Test kit

Test kits will work if you use them right. It is just a simple chemical reaction. I use the chemical but not like most. I will tap all of my silver from 1 oz rounds to 10 oz bars and test the core. It takes time but if I have a doubt I test. The reason I am not a big fan of the kits are because 1 most people dont know how to use them right so they will only test the surface and second because if you dont get deep enough into the bar or coin you can be testing real silver while there is a slug inside. A combination of drilling, weighing, and chemical testing is what I have found to be the safest. There are drill bits small enough that you can take a core sample and not make a big enough hole to where it is noticeable. is where I get my solutions from.

They have different kits so it just depends on what you want. I get silver and gold items so what I use may not work for you or be what you are looking for.