Fundamentals and Technicals

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Fundamentals and Technicals


I'm a relatively new reader and an even newer follower of various markets. I'm very curious and I'm sure it's been asked before, but what books can I read to reliably do fundamental and/or technical analysis of commodities? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


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Honestly theres a ton of free
Honestly theres a ton of free info on the web regarding the subject most of the books are pretty repetitive if i had to offer one though it would be technical analysis of stock trends by edwards and magee. If your just looking to get a basic body of knowledge though i would just google all the common patterns (wedges, head and shoulders, tops,etc) and try to find them in the markets you follow obviously theres more to TA than that but i think for someone just getting into it that would be a good starting point.
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Not to mention if you read Turd's blog (and the thread "Pailin's Corner") everyday you'll get lots of good TA insights!  

As for fundamentals, they are really different depending on which commodity you're talking about.  PM miners are very different from the oil producers for example.  I lack the fundamental analyses myself tbh (well, and TA too ;) ).

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