First Aid Preparation

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First Aid Preparation

I’ve never done a good job with first aid supplies. However, I found the USNERDOC on YouTube and his video series has really helped me get started.

Level 1 - Parts 1 &2:

Level 2 - Parts 1 & 2:

Be advised, the USNERDOC has started selling pre-made kits online. His kits may or may not be a good deal – I honestly don’t know. I’ve bought everything I have individually from local stores – mostly from Target, and also Wal-Mart, CVS, and Walgreen’s. First aid suppliers are expensive but I’ve had good luck finding sales, coupons, and rebates.   

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I would advise against quick

I would advise against quick clot. It's good, but it's a real bitch to get off the affected area. I would use Celox instead. Also, you should have a few tubes of Silvasorb topical gel in your kit for nasty infections. It's a silver based gel and we all know that silver kills bacteria, right? right? (you know, that's why they use silver in touch screens dontcha know;) )

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