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Above The Glass Ceiling

This is a new forum to replace the Old DOTs franchise.

A forum is defined as a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Debate is defined as a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or internet space in which opposing arguments are put forward.

Thus debate and differences of opinion are WELCOME on all subject matters.

The forum will focus on topics previously discussed on the Old DOTS franchise. Including:

Higher Law, Spiritual Law, Natural Law, Geopolitics, Political Philosophy and Dynamics, Hidden Dimensions of Politics, Non-Partisan politics, Liberty, Alchemy, Trans humanism. Alternative and Suppressed history, Ancient Sites, Cycles, Astro- cycles,Quantum Physics, The Field, Mass Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Extra-Terrestrial, The Matrix, Occult and Metaphysical principles, Free Mason, Alternative Health, Prepping (when’s too much, when’s too little?), What’s going to happen in 2020?, Weather Science/Shifts, Freaky weather, HAARP, Mother Nature, Psychological Archetypes, Fractals, MEMES, Persuasion, Rhetoric, Carl Jung, Nicolas Tesla, WD Gann, Disinformation, Herding, ET Agenda, Disclosure, Scalar Physics technology, Price of Metals, markets and spare ribs, best toe nail clipping methods and best meatloaf recipes.


All comments of any length and depth are welcome relative to the subjects being discussed. Feel free to bring your thinking CAP

People are free to ask questions on material they do not understand.

You are free to demonstrate and support your idea’s with whatever form and structure you are familiar with. LOGOS

It is encouraged that if you respond to a post that you have thoroughly understood the content out of respect for the time and effort another member put into the post.

No religious Proselytizing!!!! Atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Taoists are all welcome.

NO faith based arguments because it is a poor way to establish rapport with people who don’t share your faith or others in your faith that have different perspectives and two, you’ll make the mob angry.

It's one thing to discuss religion and scripture it's another to quote it to convince or convert.

Please ensure you bring you wear your big boy pants if you want to discuss highly charged subjects and willing to stay on the subject. This is not kindergarten. We are dealing with very charged issues.


NO HATE SPEECH, ethnic, religious or towards a country pursuant to Turd the founders wishes. It's one thing to say this country africa has a high crime rate, low survival rate, AIDs and another to say, I hate all these people. It might be true but that's for you to figure out on your own.

Do not use mockery or ad hominem to address somebodies post.

LISTEN!! Be respectful and before responding do the best you can to ensure you understood what the person was saying otherwise ask for clarification.

It’s one thing to point out the difference between political correctness and another to just hate. If you just hate, you should get help before you interact in a mixed audience. You would want liberals coming here and pissing on Turd’s site?

If a person, doesn’t believe what you believe, that is not hate speech.

No spell check or grammar queens. It’s mean, it’s rude and it’s childish.

NO online Tourettes syndrome, incomprehensible utterances, shaking, twitching, farting, and burping.


You should try the best you can to justify your opinions especially ones that effect other people including issues of weather, finance and politics. There are real people behind the computers and some look to others, whether they should or not is a different question.

All these terms are subject to change based on the whims and conditions of our Founding Father-Turd.

Lastly, I do not own this forum. I do not intend to run this forum. I do not intend to be a Pailin or an AM where I put out information in a sequential and cumulative order.

This forum is owned by Turd Ferguson just like all the other forums. However, it is operated by all those who contribute material. It is a product of EVERYBODIES contributions. Your stake in this forum is in direct proportion to your contributions.

You have no right to lurk for years and then come into disturb the flow of conversation. But saying hello, thank you is all good.

To summarize, put out serious commentary on interesting subjects. Thank others for the material you consume. Listen. Support your arguments. Feel free to speculate. But do not encroach by pushing your religion but DO feel free to rip somebodies argument apart without harming the person because when it comes back you won’t like it very much.

I am happy to add / delete/amend and update all of the above based on your feedback. Unfortunately after ten minutes I can't edit but I can repost it.

Not a bad idea to keep a forum terms of service that represents the group's needs.