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Woo Woo books

The DOTS and Alternative Medicine forums puts forward significant amounts of information, research and books that are outside "normal" societal concepts. A problem with the forums is that a post can quickly move off the 1 st page and a book referenced in the post can get lost due to the volume of posts.

So this thread is being created as a common area to post links to books that are suggest in DOTS and Alternative Medicine.

However anyone is welcome to post a good book here, nothing is off limits

Suggested Guide lines

In topic line a general idea what the posted book is about so that someone scrolling through this forum can quickly know what book is about

In the Post

Name of book


link to barns and noble, amazon, independent publisher so that members of TFMR can buy if so desired.

a brief description of book (if so desired) and if you have read and utilized ideas in your life.

Ideally,this will over time become a awesome alternative reference site for people who want to explore non mainstream thinking

Thanks if advance posters !


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