Re Dodgeball: Game on?

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#1 Sun, Mar 5, 2017 - 4:53pm
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Re Dodgeball: Game on?

For some time now I've been sitting on PM's and cash and thinking of myself as being in a game of dodgeball. Based on recent news/events it would appear that it's now "game on" because it's about to hit the fan.

In the past I haven't been that interested in being a trader but it looks to me like it might be necessary to do trading in order to make it through what appears to be looming just ahead. I don't want to have to be glued to my monitor every minute the market is open so does that mean I should look elsewhere for something that will provide a means of dodging what's coming? My wife's observation is that unlike the kids game of dodgeball where the ball is small the ball in this game is big enough to flatten whomever it hits.