Financial Media Ignores Accelerating Global Gold Demand

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Financial Media Ignores Accelerating Global Gold Demand

Global gold demand from the U.S. to Asia is strong and has ramped up significantly since June.

Yet the financial media insists on reporting second quarter numbers that show a fall off in gold demand. If they’d look past the second quarter and look at demand data since June they’d see a completely different picture.

United States:

One ounce American Gold Eagle coin sales were up 456% year over year in July.

The U.S. Mint set a July gold sales record and sold more gold in July than the entire second quarter which included a strong June.


Withdrawals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange are running 34% higher than last year and at a record pace:

The Wall Street Journal takes note of increase in July Chinese gold sales.


Indian Gold Imports up 61% April-June


Russia added 800,000 ounces of gold to its reserves in June.

Combined Chinese, Indian, Russian and Turkish gold demand is impressive:


Perth Mint Gold sales were up 29% in July year over year.

South Korea

South Korea is on pace for record gold demand in 2015. (buckingthe global down trend according to Reuters!)