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Coin Collectors Discussion and Help

I have to believe that I am not the only stacker turned coin collector here, and this forum will serve as a venue for us to discuss whatever interests us as far as coin collecting goes. Maybe you would like to tell us about a new or interesting coin you just picked up, or notify us about a pending release.

For instance, yesterday I bought the newly released US Marshalls commemerative silver dollar because I think it is cool.

Or, maybe you have a coin or two that you are not sure about and would like some help from fellow collectors are what it is and how much it might be worth, which incidentally, is the reason I am starting this forum here today.

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I have attached photos of three coins that I purchased in a small coin shop in New Hampshire about 5 years ago. 1 of them has a reeded edge all the way around but no smoothed out portion for numbering and it has 048 on the front as you can see in the photo. 1 has a break in the reeded edging where it is numbered 0364. The last one has a break in the reeded edge where it is numbered 0239.

I have scoured the internet several times in the last 5 years and have never been able to find any information on these coins. I assume these coins are made by The Alaska Mint but I am not sure. I am trying to find out about these coins, and I am wondering if you folks would either be so kind as to provide me with information, or direct me to where I can find information. I am looking for mintage numbers and perhaps the story behind the coins, as well as their value. Thank you in advance for your help.

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