What's Next After Save Our Swiss Gold No Vote?

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What's Next After Save Our Swiss Gold No Vote?

Save our Swiss Gold - What's Next For Gold

A No vote on Save Our Swiss Gold means the Swiss National Bank can be as reckless as it wishes when it comes to printing Francs out of thin air to debase its currency, especially when the European Central Bank kicks off its own quantitative easing program.

Podcast Summary


35:50 - 38:30 discussion of when the Fed might start talking about and implement a new quantitative easing program. With the European Central Bank about to embark on its own QE program (with Switzerland in tow) and Japan already past the point of no return on monetizing the Bank of Japan's debt, the Fed will have "no choice" but to reinstitute QE in mid 2015, lest the dreaded deflation kicks in from an "unexpected" strong dollar.

Why a No Vote on Save Our Swiss Gold is Good for Gold

38:30- 42:35 discussion of the Save our Swiss Gold no vote and its implications for gold. The concept of petitioning a central bank to buy gold is discussed. If you want to buy gold, buy it yourself, don't ask your central bank to do it for you as they will buy it and then use it to lease out and manipulate the price!

Citibank: Gold is a "fiat" Currency in a 6,000 Year Bubble

42:35-46:20 discussion of the Citibank research report on gold calling gold a 6000 year old bubble. Gold is not a fiat currency as there is no law or decree giving it value. The human race is a bubble! The bubble is in central bank printing of debt.

Why a No Vote On Save Our Swiss Gold is Good For Gold


Why A No Vote On Save Our Swiss Gold Is Good For Gold