BC update, wise Dan and hardest core

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#1 Mon, Oct 13, 2014 - 8:44pm

BC update, wise Dan and hardest core

Ok, its been a bad year for horse racing. Devastating is the my favorite horse Wise Dan and betting fav for breeders cup is injured. He got a fracture while not serious when your seven it's too risky. Very likely the shadwell was his last race. Pulling him was the right thing to do. Sad coming on the death of champion Cigar. Most beautifu tbed I ever saw. both him and dan showed humans what courage is. I miss them both. The breeder cup is going to be an amazing betting board with no real favorites. But there is a horse called Hardest Core. He was washed up four and was bought by a 2 horse barn for a 30 yr old down syndrome mans birthday. Well he has gone to beat champions from five continents and he's on track to run a great race. Hes gonnna have to face Champion main sequence . Should be a classic clash. Love ya Dan. Your the best i ever saw. Laugh but when i wanna quit I think of Dan and pull up my bootstraps.

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