Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Hi folks,

I'm the customer ombudsman and video show host at Gainesville Coins. I wanted to introduce myself, as I try to expand the assistance I've been giving at /r/silverbugs on Reddit to other major precious metals sites. (I've already notified Turd of my position with GC.)

If there's anything I can do to help regarding an order or a question, let me know! I'm not just here as customer service though, as so many of our customers have recommended I join the community, I've taken the plunge.

In addition to following the precious metals markets and acting like a fool in a safari suit on video, one of my hobbies is tracking the innovative ways Indians attempt to bypass their government's repression of gold investing. (It's fun to watch the search results on the blog of people trying to find instructions on smuggling gold. ;) )

If this post is out of line, please let me know! It's never my intention to spam.


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Host of precious metals video show "The Coin Explorer" at Gainesville Coins

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