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TFMR - Ignored Users Circle Jerk Forum

Although this is a waste of my time and certainly juvenile, I must do something to help out the people on my ignore users list.

While I don't IU many, when I do, these are the names that still remain. They are the most interesting posters in the world.

I'm sure many of us will recall some of them from days gone by.

@ JohnG,  proton777, zilverreiger, Lonerangersilver, timpa, casacabel, Fulgerite, Dr. Bob, FunkeyMonkeyBoy, altman2, Ant, Abraxas, Really, Motley Fool, NonoverlappingM.

The one common thread that runs through all these posters is at numerous times they always say that this is their last post. Only to reemerge again and again. Motley Fool comes to mind most recently. So whether they are paid or unpaid trolls ( see Pining's post earlier) does not matter.

As a TFMR customer service assistant I have taken the liberty to start a new forum for all of these who suck the oxygen out of the site.

Let's call it .....

TFMR - Ignored Users Circle Jerk Forum

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great idea but I have an idea for a slightly different name

For people who come to needle and only ask questions to try to trap the kind souls who offer a response into making little mistakes so they can gloat, while completely missing the big picture.

But let's change the name to:









"You can't breathe dead hippo waking, sleeping, and eating, and at the same time keep your precarious grip on existence."
Conrad, Heart of Darkness

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Can always count on you to add intelligent, well reasoned and thought out perspective to any topic at all.

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Current users on my Ignore List NO More Time Lost


Himalaya delete
crg delete
hiway117 delete
Matt Foley delete
proton777 delete
zilverreiger delete
ouchtouch delete
Endzeit delete
dannyhaha delete
Turdite delete
Swineflogger delete
LaMachinna delete
Gramp delete
Bsong delete
NW VIEW delete
Wingy delete
Gold Buffalo delete
crackor delete
ChiTownHustler delete
Air Garcia delete
Clubfoolish delete
Velocity delete
HomerJ delete
FFF delete
Fulgurite delete
Drut delete
Dr Bob delete
Hagarth delete
Silverman delete
donnojackshit delete
TitanAe delete
tpbeta delete
Gold Dog delete
stoneeh delete
brokeboater delete
Zehme delete
aurum argentum delete
Monedas delete
Sandiaman delete
RedRover delete
daveyboy delete
FunkyMonkeyBoy delete
kjm delete
maravich44 delete
TruthPreeminent delete
ghost delete
Lumpy delete
Basil delete
Platinum_Investor delete
71185208 delete
bellyacre delete
Mariposa de Oro delete
Stratajema delete
MollyRatchet delete
leeson_was_framed delete
GoldMania3000 delete
survivalwstyle delete
Patrancus delete
single6 delete
Katie Rose delete
Ojibwemowin delete
printmemoney delete
OrangeAlert delete
Levon delete
Jeanne d'Arc delete
azzatack delete
retireyoung delete
meegoreng1 delete
PM Stackin' Fool delete
Dark Matter delete
thedukes delete
SilverFume delete
austrian12874 delete
AGnAU2B121pdq delete
csquared13 delete
Zenith delete
Kenscott delete
York Rite delete
ivars delete
TheObsoleteMan delete
Jack Daniels delete
Jasper16 delete
Iamgolden delete
garrylindsay delete
colihondro delete
Adman delete
Exbroker delete
Vince delete
Punk-Assets delete
San Diego Gold Bug delete
twowolfgangs delete
shaz delete
sam777 delete
ranger7 delete
DavidDavid delete
balz delete
wonderer delete
rtabit delete
CaribSurfKing delete
victorthecleaner delete
babodonk delete
gjervis delete
Driven81 delete
Beastly Stack delete
binzer delete
johnnydow delete
meddle magic delete
lodmund delete
billwilson delete
Abraxas delete
Vermilion delete
Really- delete
Robonz delete
AgAuthaChristie delete
curly80 delete
Barry delete
Libero delete
Chevy Thunder delete
Esther delete
victori delete
alan2102 delete
gw delete
the_circle delete
Expired_Elder_o... delete
Motley Fool delete
Indenture delete
mr ttt delete
GoldenIndian delete
FakeBlythe delete
lickspitler delete
NonoverlappingM... delete
redrover1 delete
JakeBlues delete
reo delete
uberspitler delete
hai delete
Turicum delete
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Hey!...Whatsamatta with you?...

You forgot to add me!...Who don't you have on your ignore list?...It appears you may be the "last poster" standing...kind of like the stand-up comedian who was told to sit down!!!...

Edit:...Do I have to hat tip my own post or what?...

Bag Of Gold

القراع عصفور
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theme song suggestion for this forum

edit:  didn't know you had such a potty mouth XTY!!! wink

and how i'm not also on that lengthy ignore list completely escapes me!


all great works are works in progress.

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.apparently one of the quickest ways to make this list is to simply post *first* will instantly and automatically qualify. Then all he has to do is read his own posts; quite a rich life indeed. You are on my list but not the IU onekiss

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My 2 cents

I don't have anyone on ignore's a freedom of speech thing...

Dyna mo hum
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Silverwing why are you here?

I think you might be abusing your ignore privileges. Such activity is not tolerated here! If you don't remove Ivars and  Mariposa de Oro and note able others from your list I will have no choice other than to report you to the ministry  of truth and hate. 

Mr. Fix
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A very interesting forum,

 I do not have  an ignore list, but I do give some more attention than others,

There are some with distinctive avatars that I just skip. ( some have already been mentioned)

I've requested some people put me on their ignore list,

and it seems to work, I don't  here from them anymore.

So I guess it's a good thing.


"When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear."

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just to be on someone's list


Learn to behave

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