NEWS FLASH - Chris Duane - "I Have Severed ALL Ties With Rob Gray and Mulligan Mint"

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NEWS FLASH - Chris Duane - "I Have Severed ALL Ties With Rob Gray and Mulligan Mint"

I Have Severed ALL Ties With Rob Gray and Mulligan Mint

By Silver Shield, on April 17th, 2013

I originally met Rob Gray through a friend and member who introduced us both related to his testimony before Ron Paul’s subcommittee. Thereafter, we had conversations for several months about silver, etc. and even traveled to Silver Summit together. When I started business dealings with Rob Gray we had a business deal that I would design and promote my Silver Bullet Silver Shield medallions and he and his new Mulligan Mint would produce and fulfill them. Seemed like a very simple straightforward business relationship.

I performed my half of the deal well beyond anyone’s expectations, but there seemed to be constant issues on Rob’s end of the deal, such as complaints about PayPal, credit cards, delays in delivery, shoddy production quality, awful customer service, etc.

Knowing that starting something like this is not easy, I was very patient and did my best to try to support their effort for over 7 months. I tried pumping the breaks with delayed launches, but that was not enough. Then, things started to not add up for me.

Given my concerns, I halted ALL sales March 11th to clear a persistent backlog that grew to an estimated 92,000 ounces or roughly $3 million.

I was given assurances that all orders would be fulfilled by April 8th and we were going to launch on April 15th. I then come to find out the Sales Director, Gus Demos, who was my main contact with the Mint, abruptly quit on April 11th.

I immediately cancelled the Tax Slave Day relaunch of Slave Queen, Freedom Girl and the Redoubt coin. (I did this despite record demand for silver and incredibly low silver prices.)

From that moment on all the pieces started to come together as people started comparing notes about what they knew of Rob.

  • Why was he constantly try to run so fast when problems need to be corrected?
  • Why is he taking several recent vacation trips to Singapore in the midst of all these problems?
  • Why did he purchase a new mansion on an airstrip in Plano, Texas?
  • Why did the sales director abruptly quit?
  • Why were paid retail customers waiting while he sold to dealers behind my back and my strict orders to stop ALL sales.

After many months of broken promises and constant aggravation of taking all of the heat for things I had no control over, I decided to fly to Dallas and confront Rob Gray face-to-face to resolve all open matters between us.

Despite his previous gregarious conversations and his jovial personality, at this meeting a different Rob Gray was present. This one was curt and cold. I sat down and simply and frankly told him I had no interest in continuing a business relationship and simply asked for my dies, the URL, an accurate customer accounting of what is owed, affiliate commissions, final customer ounces delivered and/or collect all that is owed, and what was owed to me (including 1,500 personal ounces I sent down for minting from bars to my coins).

His response was “what if I just say ‘no’, what are you going to do?” I responded with “That’s not what I was hoping for, but I will be forced to go another route.” Thereafter, I stormed out after only 5 minutes when Rob Gray told me that I would get “nothing“.

Based on all my experience and dealings with Rob as well as the learned experiences of others, I suspect something very nefarious is going on at Mulligan Mint. As a result, I will be talking with customers, employees, affiliates, refiners, retailers and Free Lakota Bank and Mulligan Mint investors and depositors and telling anyone interested anything and everything I know about the situation, Rob Gray, Mulligan Mint, etc. I think if I shine a very bright light on the situation, maybe we can all get the answers.

I will have MUCH more, very soon, after I have a clearer picture, when I have a conference call with the major creditors that I know of.

I will leave all options open after that.

Here is a just the beginning of what I have recently found out when people start talking.

33 Page Report On Rob Gray the Hypnotist, Water Ionizer Salesman that says “Mr. Gray may actually deserve an Oscar nomination for his theatrics in some of the videos that have been posted on this website.”

Free Lakota Bank is not a FDIC Bank…

South Dakota Dept. of Labor warns about unlicensed Free Lakota Bank

And not a bank of the Republic of Lakotah…

The Republic of Lakotah is in NO WAY associated with this new “freelakotabank.” Caveat Emptor!

So who’s bank is it?!

I do not care about my lost time, energy, money, opportunity, reputation, or silver.

I ONLY care about the truth.

Feel free to add your story in the comment section below so that the people that are on the fence can have their Usual Suspects moment.


Chris Duane

P.S. Just as I was about to post this, I get an email blast from the Mulligan Mint that they are selling The Survival Podcast Ant Shield?!

Somebody better let Jack know what is going on before his good name and customers get caught in this growing mess.

Listen to all, TRUST NONE.

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Re: Rob Gray & Mulligan Mint

For starters you had best contact your local U.S. Attorney Office like PRONTO and have them take this scam artist down ASAP! (That’s what they get PAID for)

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Thanks for the Report

Highly proactive report. I sent to Fiscal Times editor for reporting.

There are so many criminals out there, and when it comes to business, there's no true immediate 'call the cops' control. You have to litigate in civil court, which we know is horrible.

I wonder what it takes to start a mint and make an honest profit? First, how do we get a team of genuinely honest leaders together?

Yeah, that's funny, yea. Burt
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You know, I had a feeling

You know, I had a feeling about this thing. I missed out on the first round of coin from this guy, but when the Trivium came out I bought a roll of 20 BU and 20 proofs. It took a while to receive them. I was going to order the Queen and even the Freedom, but no way I was going to plunk down another 1k+ when I hadn't received my Trivium order from a month ago. So I sent them an email. They responded and said that the reason I didn't receive the order was that they were having some problem with the proofs and were holding back my BU roll to wait for the proofs to be finished. At the time I thought that was kind of lame, but I was patient. I did receive them both about one month later. After that experience I was still tempted many times to order some more Queens and Freedoms, but every time I was about to pull the trigger something caused me to hesitate. I think after reading enough comments on the main thread of pissed off people still waiting on orders I decided to sell off all of my Triviums on eBay. I did eventually sell all the proofs and all of the BU's. After seeing all of the problems and all of the drama around this thing I am really glad that I dont have any of those coins any more and also I am really really glad I did not order any more. Right now I would be waiting on two rolls that may never arrive. I would have paid by check to avoid the CC 3% markup and would be really pissed off right now. It usually pays to listen to your gut. I definitely feel like my gut helped me dodge a silver bullet this time.