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There has been some talk of moving out of the United States, a daunting task to say the least. I hate to move in country and moving to Chile would be the move of all time for me. There are a million things of course that we've never thought of, and I don't think anyone should try this on their own. I'm a member of Simon Black's Sovereign Man and am satisfied with their service so far...I think they have the assets to get the job done. They also have good information on offshore banking, investing, etc., Not an endorsement, they're just the one I would chose to do a move. You do know, you would still have to pay U.S. taxes if you lived in another country, plus the taxes in Chile. Hopefully, the cheaper cost of living and not having to pay state taxes and property taxes would offset Good old United States is the only country that taxes its citizens no matter where they live. Tina Turner knew what she was doing renouncing her citizenship. Anyway, I've posted a couple of links regarding Sovereign Man's community south of Santiago for starters. Looks expensive, sounds expensive but their second community in the planning stages looks to be in my price range.



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