List of Web Disruption techniques : Zero Hedge lists

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List of Web Disruption techniques : Zero Hedge lists

An excellent summary of web disruption techniques.

I've seen nearly all of these techniques appear on this site during various discussions.

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Excellent find, Jedi. 

Excellent find, Jedi. yes


This isn't a metals blog anymore. It's a right wing circle jerk, masquerading as a metals blog.

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Thanks Jedi...

That is an excellent article.  It spells out things I thought have about but then just dismissed thinking that maybe I was off-base.  Glad to get a little affirmation that maybe my intuition is working ok after all. : )

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Good article -

It's so much easier to pick these signals up when you can see a person...It takes a new skill to start to figure it out on the internet....

There's been some research that kids are not acquiring the non-verbal skills older people might have because of the internet, facebook, texting, much electronic communication.

I've often wondered if they will be better at discerning devious techniques on the internet..

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