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Pax Argentum
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Review: Scotsman Coin - St. Louis

So I was in St. Louis briefly on business and dropped in to Scotsman Coin on Olive Blvd.

Disclaimer: I have no personal interest or stake in these guys and in fact don't even live in the same state.

They're a full service coin, jewelry and bullion shop staffed by a dozen people or so. They were very busy when I walked in and I had to wait a few minutes for someone to be available. I saw folks in there both buying and selling. Guy next to me was buying a handful of Gold Eagles while on the other side a woman had a cigar box full of junk silver coins to sell. I was in a buying mood as Ag was undergoing another monkey-hammering that day and I'm partial to Silver Eagles. I paid about $1.50 over spot for wrapped BUC ASEs and felt good about adding to the stack at a bargain and without shipping costs.

Folks there were very friendly with zero attitude like you sometimes see in gold and silver dealers these days.

In summary,

Plenty of stock

Plenty of staff

Friendly, helpful

Low premium over spot for ASEs

Pax says two thumbs up.

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