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Mobile site

I love the site, very little that I'd change.
Are there any plans for a "mobile" version of the site that would be optimized for viewing on a portable device such as iPod touch or iPhone? I mostly view it on my iPod touch and it actually works pretty well, by mobile optimization would be truly sweet! I know TF has an iPhone, so a mobile site might be something he wants too!

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I'd love this, too, although

I'd love this, too, although for my Droid.

Also, since the move to the new site, I only get a little blurb of each post in my RSS reader (Pulse on the phone, Google Reader on the laptop).  Was this by design, and is there a way to get the full posts?

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joy 09 Spam?

I can't believe no one hasn't reported this blatant spammer yet.

Just hit the alert mod button when you see something like this folks. Spammers are like cockroaches, give them no quarter or they'll swarm and take over. ;-)

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