Thoughts on silver through January?

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#1 Mon, Jul 18, 2011 - 11:22pm
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Thoughts on silver through January?

What do you all think of these 2 chart snapshots I just did up?

This is an 8 hour chart...After putting in the lines I started seeing things...not because of what you think...well, maybe it's just the Rum talking. But you can clearly see the parallels. Is this nothing? Just curious what everyone else thinks.

If we use Turd's white-out just as before on the big-top blow-off to almost 50 in April/May and follow that upward channel towards January 2012 then it keeps silver at that same point just under 50/oz.

Each vertical line came to about a 5 month spread, so the next 5 month vertical would come sometime towards the end of December and doesn't breach 50/oz. Early December shows about 48/oz. Now maybe another big spike will occur in between now and then like what happened in April/May, but who knows?

And the top of both downward trending lines are also about 5 months apart just like the vertical lines. Does anyone see anything to it or is it just all this good Rum? LOL

Well...just trying to see if I can use some skills I may have learned from the Great Turd.

I, for one, would like very much if silver was still under 50 by January whether we have another huge big-top prior to that at 50/oz or not. It would allow me to trade more zombie Bernankies in for phyzz even that much longer. And it would allow some other people who are still waking up to get in the game before it's way too late.

If you look at what silver did last year going from November to January, it peaked in early November, then dropped...then peaked a little higher in early December, then dropped...then peaked a little higher in early January, then dropped to Turd's bottom.

Maybe sometime in December will be the next top to 49 or 50 which will cause another awesome BTFD opportunity going in to January 2012??? I sure wouldn't mind so that I could continue stacking it up.

Any input/opinions much appreciated!!!

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Mon, Jul 18, 2011 - 11:24pm
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Seeing 46-52

I have been looking for 46-52 myself. I think that is where we may end up at by year end. If anything drastic happens which it very well could then it could be off to the races but I am thinking 49 which is the middle.

Tue, Jul 19, 2011 - 1:03am jackmeoff
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60 seems conservative to me

QE3 likely comes in mid to late August. At that point I don't think there's anything that the EE can do to "control" the metals. I'd be shocked if we didn't touch $60 by Dec. 31st with QE3 in place.

Tue, Jul 19, 2011 - 12:33pm
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Quote:I'd be shocked if we

I'd be shocked if we didn't touch $60 by Dec. 31st with QE3 in place.

Wow, I sure hope you're right! As a matter of fact I'm betting on it. I'm heavily invested in Jan SLV $40 calls. Now if SLV just doesn't self-destruct before than... altho I'll probably sell if/when it gets to $50, so I can reinvest in physical.


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