Is it expat time?

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Is it expat time?

We Americans must consider that the election fraud that was so extreme to me anyway will just be the way it is. After the Dec.6 conformation getting back to true and fair elections anytime in the next 10 to 20 years will be doubtful. Sydney Powell is right we haven't had fair elections for 10 years already and longer in my state of Washington. This is my thinking what do others here think?

So where do we go? Unless my PM's, miners and my little bit of Bitcoin go bonkers which they could being retired I am more interested in lower cost regions. A climate not too cold would be my preference. Peak fossil fuels is for real, yes there is lots of coal but the trend is they are likely to be legislated against anyway. So staying comfortably warm in the winter could be challenging in the coming years. Someplace where solar works well yet has enough rain and water to grow food. Where one may choose now might not be good longer term. So moving around may become a norm and owning a property may not be wise. I probably won't invest in real estate right away. Could the US split up? That would open up all kinds of considerations and the left coast where I live isn't one of them.

Western Europe doesn't attract me much except southern Portugal and Spain on the Med or perhaps Croatia, Montenegro or Serbia. Concerns with Eurozone influence and politics and unless I see a pop in PM's Portugal and Spain not as likely for me cost wise.

I listen closely to people like Doug Casey founder of International Man. Doug has traveled to and lived in many countries. He recently said in times as they are now a less complicated society is probably better. Doug chose Uruguay a country that has a history of standing up to powerful nations to keep its independence which puts it on my list of possibilities. I feel unless the government is full blown totalitarian like North Korea how much can they lean on the people.

I wanted to move to Mexico 10 years ago when my state regulated me out of business but the wife didn't want to move. Wifey now understands her errors with all that is happening. I still like Mexico with its diverse landscapes with even and warmer climates, like Lake Chapala in the higher altitudes surrounded by an expansive wonderful coastline. The people are great for the most part. Most people that have spent time there have little concern of the dangers our government and media warn us about but there is a very real drug cartel in Mexico that you should stay away from. At this time the Cartel is not a big factor with foreigners but what if the US real incomes continue to reduce to a point where the drug market is reduced. Might those Cartels expand kidnappings to survive? Probably not going to get worse soon but a consideration. Influence by the US is another negative for me.

Medellin Colombia is interesting. George Gammon has done some videos about living there doing real estate deals and more. Medellin sounds safe, has a wonderful climate and the people are great but living there you are probably going to be in a highrise appartment or condo which is not as attractive to me so unless you have a penthouse suite solar won't be an option.

Other coastal countries in South America I would consider are Peru, Equador and Chile. Central America Belize(english language) Costa Rica and maybe Panama. So there are options to the south that may make it a better consideration if moving around becomes nessasary to live in a more forgiving place.

Eastern Europe is generally too cold but the frame of mind of freedom loving people in some of the formally Soviet held countries make these places a consideration. The country of Georgia is interesting. Cheap, cheap place to live. The younger generation is learning english. The climate is not cold or real warm either, maybe more like western Oregon. Nice people, food is good and history of wine growing. Diverse landscape and decent size country. Property and rent very inexpensive. Could be good and bad Georgia borders Russia. Some say laws and regulations for business are pretty straight forward and simple.

Or do I stay put? I have been prepping for years and have a place that I can store things(900 sq ft garage space). Me and wifey could probably holdout for 1-1/2 to 2 years right now. Sold my larger house and built a smaller house 4 years ago on property I owned that is better for growing some to most of my food. We probably grow close to 30% with 6 raised be gardens now with lots of room to add more garden space and could add a hoop greenhouse to get that percentage up for vegies. The 1 acre property layout is all usable so adding up to 50 chickens or rabbits and some goats would not be a stretch and would benefit the gardening with fertilizer.

The best part is I am 150 yards from the water overlooking the Big Bend of Hood Canal with the Olympic Mountains in the close background. Truely magnificent scenery especially if I ramped up my little home farm to spend my days. I have deep deep concerns about my state government. Not so worried about the county right now, actually voted conservative. My whacko governor might be one of those that says if you don't have 5 acres you can't grow food or something. He sure as hell is doing the best he can running our lives with the Covid shit show. I can also imagine Washington state leading the way to deal with people that don't conform.

I have more recently become more concerned with even more likely interuptions of food supply be it that current economies, problems with animal fee stocks will have an affect on production and who knows when the credit markets blow up? China is preparing buying up commodities and access that will be part of what is coming. This is where what I have been prepping for comes in and I can't take it with me so it may verywell be what keeps me here for awhile.

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