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Dixie Gold


This explorer's gold property is in Red Lake, Ontario, adjacent to Great Bear Resources. The area is known for very high gold grades. They announced the possible presence of gold on 11/24/20. They also have uranium (which sector is heating up) and lithium properties. The exec, Ryan Kalt, routinely purchased shares over many years (I've been invested in the company for about 10 years). He also controls Red Lake Gold, another explorer in the area. Dixie Gold has a market cap of $7MM (CAN) vs Great Bear $938MM (CAN)...possible upside for Dixie?

Wed, Jan 13, 2021 - 5:53am
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Here is an interesting property in my Nova Scotia ; supported by Goodman and our great Eric Sprott;

Highlights ;

1. certified gold resource approx 300,000 ozs gold and drilling ( underground and above )

2. permitted mine , dewatered , mill , ponds etc in place

3. hydro , easy road access to port of Sheet Harbour , N.S.

4. many expect Aurelous to become the next Atlantic Gold ; successful mine close by .

5. High grade gold in a great location ; experienced miners are plentyful in the province

6. fairly high float BUT the solid insiders have not sold any ; only about 30% stock available in the market

7. AUR also has excellent properties near KL/Detour in Ontario .

8. Shares can be bought currently between .055 and .06