A couple insanely undervalues miners. GPL TPRFF

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#1 Thu, Nov 12, 2020 - 12:09pm
Steve S
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A couple insanely undervalues miners. GPL TPRFF

I've been waiting for earnings revaluations of the miners. He are a couple juniors that have reported earnings that are insanely undervalued.

Gran Columbia TPRFF reported earnings this morning. Earnings were $.39 for the third quarter. Its only trading at $4.78 US. This is a price earnings ratio of 3 . The SP500 PE is 35. NEM is 20.

In addition Gran Columbia owns over half of Caldas gold which is going to increase production by 5 times and is fairly valued for current production. This is currently worth over 25% of Gran Columbia's market cap for free. Insanely undervalued.

GPL announced earnings of .05 per share. It is currently trading at $.85 . That's a PE of 4.25. It also got 14 percent of its revenue from silver for any silver bugs! Mining shares haven't gotten much of an earnings bump in general. I think its bankster psyop to scare people out of the futures before Gold and Silver take off. P.S. take a good listen to Andrew Mcguire on arcadia economics. Physical market is going to force big price rise as December delivery looms!