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In the diner today, the booth behind me, two guys were talking. It’s not word for word, and I didn’t hear all the other guy’s answers, but after a while the guy closest to me, sounding like he wanted to know, asked questions:

Do you respect somebody who lies to you?

Do you think the government’s lied to us and it’s gonna go on lying to us?

Do you think the government’s got any respect for you and me?

Do you have any respect for the government?

Do you think the government’s got the power to hurt us some way, like take our freedom some time in the future?

If you don’t respect somebody who lies to you, someone who doesn’t much care for you, who’s getting more and more power to hurt you, do you like ‘em or are you getting scared?

If you think other folks are getting scared, too, and if we outnumber the government like a thousand to one, do you think we can do anything to change things?

If all these folks don’t like it and they don’t respect it and they’re getting more scared every day, do you think there’s some point like 1776 when they’re gonna take the whole thing down and start over?

And then he said this:

If there’s that point for other people, what is it for you?

Wish I could of heard the answer.

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