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#1 Sun, Aug 16, 2020 - 6:21pm
Bobby Plissken
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Impact Silver

I didn't find a forum for Impact Silver (there isn't a search window specific to mining share forums so I may be mistaken) SO, unless I am mistaken this is it. I hope this is somehow helpful to both myself and others.

be advised (again) I am new to mining sector and am quite frankly talking my book because I did buy some very recently.

as of aug 16 2020: 78.39Mill shares outstanding, Fully Diluted shares: 124Mill??? Market cap: $49.11M, public float: 61.04M (figures posted reflect OTC $USD)

2 projects in Chile that have historically good silver deposits along with a recent acquisition in Peru:

Eric Sprott did PP of $3.3 Mill Canadian dollars last November:

TBH I bought shares this last Tues or Wed because on the big smack down last Tues, they gapped down, then went green and I may be wrong but that seems to indicate the shares are generally held in strong hands. Well I also hear people talking this company up who actually now what they are doing lol and that's how it entered my radar zone in the first place.

if anyone has an opinion about Impact Silver and wants to contribute to this forum that'd be great.

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