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Rio2 (RIOFF)

Rio2 is one of Eric's many investments. Rio2 owns the Fenix project in Chile. Unlike most other small startups, it has a successful mine builder as CEO. His name is Alex Black. He doesn't just create an asset by establishing the ore body and then sell it out to a producer. He builds mines. The last I heard, he planned to start construction by September of 2021 which is the beginning of the nice weather in the southern hemisphere. If Rio2 remains on track, I suspect its share price may really start to reflect its short timeline soon, hopefully at least by late this year. He did Rio Alto before Rio 2. He took that company from 80M to 1.2B. Now he's trying to do the same with Rio2. Here's a pretty good and informative video. Full disclosure, Rio2 is one of the several Eric Sprott stocks that I own.

Rio2 Ltd (TSX-V: RIO) - I overlooked your heart of gold

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