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Guest Post: "The Debt Cartel's Weakness: Its Algorithms", by Marc Ward

Most TFMR regulars will recognize Marc Ward as a site regular. Following the launch of his venture, MetalZoom Energy, he has written this excellent and informative guest post for us.

Monday Blues

The week begins with a lower open but, as we always remind you, it's not how you start the week that matters. To that end, it's going to be busy and volatile and Friday will bring a boatload of economic data ahead of next week's FOMC.

USDJPY Down, Gold Flat?

There are A LOT of moving parts this morning and this weekend promises to hold all sorts of unknowns. We'll do our best to summarize everything and make some projections.

The Count Delivers

With all that's going on in the world, I plum forgot that ole Count Draghi was having a presser today. And boy oh boy, The Count did not disappoint as his mutterings have sent the POSX to new 2017 lows and CDG just touched $1350. Thanks, Count!

A Massive Surge In GLD "Inventory"

Yesterday saw the 2nd-largest one day surge in GLD "inventory" in the past five years. What does this signal, if anything at all?

<Please be sure to read this public post.>

Batchelor and Cohen Return

After taking a week off, John and Steve returned last evening with an essential update on The New Cold War.

It's Going To Be Quite A Week

Jeezo-weezo, there's a lot going on. Good thing it's already Tuesday.

Another Lousy BLSBS

A poor BLSBS. No wage growth. Hours worked down. Yet the all-important USDJPY magically spiked and it sent the "metals" back to unchanged while the "stock market" rallied. Just another day here in the land of total G-3 control.

Resilient Comex Gold

Well, here we are on the last day of August and Comex Digital Gold continues to hold firm near its highs of the year, this despite a magically-surging USDJPY and POSX. There was even an attempted "flash crash" overnight yet price managed to survive! So let's take a peek at the charts to see where we stand.

Pre-BLSBS Positioning

The Comex metals are down a bit today as the latest Q2 GDP data "confirms" the guesswork that Mr Donut had put out a few months back. This has surged the USDJPY nearly two full points from yesterday's lows. Imagine that!

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