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Guest Post: "Why You Should Store Precious Metal In Multiple International Locations", by Olivier Garret of Hard Assets Alliance

We've maintained an affiliation with our friends at Hard Assets Alliance since 2012 and I hope they are always on your list of bullion dealers when making a purchase.  They provide a fantastic service and you'll likely find this new post from Olivier Garret, the Founder and CEO of HAA, to be extremely helpful and interesting.



No Time Like The Present

Given the angst and frustration of yesterday, I figured that today would be the perfect time to point out something that has been on my mind for some time and that you need to be aware of in the weeks ahead.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Today is just another excellent example of how following the precious metals is easily one of the most frustrating and confounding things you will ever do.

Your Weekly Reality Check From JBSFC

As per usual, our friends John and Steve cranked out a full hour of objective and reasoned information last evening on The New Cold War. Please be sure to listen.

A Brighter Day

The digital metals have rallied overnight (for a change) and they stand this morning on the verge of some possible, positive breakouts. Let's check the charts this morning so that we're all on the same page.

A Clockwork Red

The week begins as nearly all weeks do...with a sudden ramp in the USDJPY that begins at 7:30 am London time. This feature is so regular, you can set your clock by it, and the effects are almost always in place by the time the Comex opens six hours later.

Frantic Friday

There's a lot going on this morning so just this quick update.

Stop Making Sense

Apparently the "surging global economy" has no need for raw materials as all commodities are being sold today, along with Comex Digital Gold and Silver. But, of course, it's not just gold and silver that are priced through the trading of their digital derivative so I guess it should come as no surprise that The Machines can crush the entire sector simultaneously.

Another Day In The Barrel

In a continuation of the dominant pattern of February, Comex gold has been driven lower with a rising USDJPY. However, whenever the USDJPY turns lower, Comex gold fails to rebound.

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