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Trying Times

A new week begins that will be filled with news on inflation, ECB intentions and a landfalling hurricane. And we're still two weeks away from the September FOMC! Good grief...

Another Red Candle

The reaction to today's BLSBS assures that we'll end the week with another red candle for Comex Digital Gold. That's 16 of the past 21 weeks and it marks the ugliest sustained downtrend in years.

Still In Play

Even though most signs point to lower lows, the idea that a bottom in price was found two weeks ago remains valid. Will tomorrow's BLSBS be the key?

More CoT History On Deck

Another potentially "historic" CoT report will be coming this Friday. Of course the question is, does it matter?

Guest Post: "10 YEARS LATER – NO LESSONS LEARNED", by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform

Our friend, Jim Quinn, has written another excellent summary of where we've been, where we are and where we're going.

Worser Still

The Comex Digital Metals are once again under extreme pressure today and Comex Silver has taken another fifty cent stair down. Whats' next? A test of what has long been considered the "bear market lows" of December 2015 appears to be right around the corner.

Working For The Weekend

At this point, it certainly appears that we'll have to wait until next week for any resolution to the question of whether or not Comex gold prices have bottomed and turned.

Emerging Market Meltdown Continues

Just when it appeared that the Comex metals were poised to finally confirm a breakout, the stress of the emerging markets takes center stage again today.

Holding Ground

Comex gold is trading sideways today and, as strange as this may seem, that's actually pretty good news. It now becomes pretty important to see where we end the week before the 3-day market holiday weekend.

On With Reluctant Preppers

Back on Monday, we had the opportunity to discuss de-dollarization and all of the other risks to the US$. Given that this was also a prominent theme around here yesterday, I though that this interview deserved its own thread.

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